2toLead at Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon

2toLead at Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon

Marketing Manager & Digital Workplace Consultant

The Microsoft community hosts many free, locally driven, and hosted events, for example, Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon. In response to the current pandemic, the community and Microsoft 365 Collaboration Conference reacted in a powerful way to host this free online, 36 hour event, that happened on May 27-28 2020.

The videos from the event can help you determine:

  • which pieces of Microsoft 365 your organization should leverage 
  • techniques to make sure you’re deploying things right and ensure you have your bases covered with the essentials such as Microsoft Teams.
  • Ensure your organization is making the most of their investments 
Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon

Watch 2toLead at Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon

Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon was off to the races with incredible speakers from speakers around the globe. Local speakers included three members of team 2toLead” Richard, Kanwal, and Miguel. Other world class speakers delivered some incredible  Jeff Teper, Jon Levesque, Joel Oleson, and many more. 

Kanwal Khipple – CEO

What being a remote-first company taught us

From the beginning, we have always been a remote-first company. Consulting with customers remotely can be a challenge and was an important skill that we have been teaching to our teams. Through building trust with your team was harder than originally thought. We experimented and tried out a number of ways to be inclusive for our diverse team.

Attend this session to learn about

  • Enabling every employee to have an impact
  • Supporting and encouraging work/life balance
  • Encouraging innovation through experimentation

Introduction to Microsoft Search

Microsoft Search is looking to bring the search experiences across all Microsoft 365 services together into a single unified experience. Attend this session to learn how the experience impacts your users, how you can configure it as well as scenarios where you should customize it.

Richard Harbridge – CTO

Strategy & Success: Practical tools & techniques for the Strategist, Architect & Analyst

People are complex. Office 365 is complex. Add the two together and you get some of the most challenging, difficult, and stressful situations, especially if you are responsible for facilitating shared understanding between them.

Join Richard Harbridge to learn about actionable techniques to improve, simplify, and amplify your leadership, business analysis, and information architecture efforts with Office 365. Walk away with improved confidence when dealing with business and non-technical related challenges of Office 365, and be familiarized with effective tools and techniques that make Office 365 implementations more successful.

Miguel Yena – Office 365 Consultant

What small businesses need to know about Azure AD Premium

With the new Microsoft 365 Business offering, Azure AD Premium is now part of the picture. The session will be a kick-starter for business owners to leverage Azure AD Premium in their companies.

Find out what the experience was like for Miguel in his blog!

More from us for you

Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon isn’t the only event Team 2toLead has spoken at an event. Richard, Kanwal, and Miguel are actively in the community, helping provide everyone with the information they’ve learned from years of experience with the technology you use to strive daily. Please take a look at our site or follow us on social media to stay on top of where we’ll be speaking next.

If you’re looking for more insights into the world of Microsoft 365, and more specifically, how they can positively impact your business, contact us and we would be happy to see how we can help. We would love to show you how we work better, together.

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