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Practical Strategies to Piloting and Scaling Microsoft Viva

April 19, 2024
5 minute read
Practical Strategies to Piloting and Scaling Microsoft Viva
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Every company is looking to engage with their employees to grasp their needs, challenges, and the kind of support they seek in their daily operations and career growth.  Gather insights on how you can tailor Microsoft Viva to ensure it meets the varied needs across different departments and roles within your organization.
When piloting and scaling Microsoft Viva, an initiative that underscores the criticality of centering employees in the tapestry of organizational success, there are several focal areas that can ensure its effective deployment and utilization.

Develop an Enterprise Roadmap

Having an enterprise roadmap is critical to ensure that as a team you are aligned on key objectives, identify key milestones as well as you have sufficient resources.  

Defining clear objectives allow the team to be aligned on what they are aiming to achieve with Microsoft Viva.  Having clear objectives will also guide your implementation strategy.

Based on our research and findings, from dozens of organizations, the most common objectives include

  • increasing capturing of knowledge to support skills growth
  • Improving discovery of content and expert discovery effort
  • surfacing the most critical information and contacts in the flow of work.

As you put together a roadmap, its important to break down the deployment into manageable phases, starting with a pilot and gradually scaling, marking key milestones to assess progress. No roadmap is complete without ensuring you have the necessary resources, including team members dedicated to the rollout, training, and ongoing support.

Encouraging Active Participation

In this hybrid world that we live in, many employees and managers feel even more disconnected then ever.   Employee feel they are contributing effectively though managers are not able to see the impact.

As an organization, you have to continuously promote, get champion support and solicit feedback from employees to continue to iterate.  Make it easy for employees participating in the pilot to share their feedback, suggestions, and concerns. This can be through surveys, focus groups, or open forums.  Train managers on the benefits and features of Microsoft Viva. They are crucial in encouraging their teams to use the platform and can provide direct feedback on its impact on their teams’ productivity and engagement.

Aligning Employee Passion with Organizational Objectives

It is important to invest time in making sure your employees get the support they need.  One of the most effective ways to do that is by doing frequent pulse check-ins with employees.

You can gain insights through one-on-one discussions or surveys, identify what drives your employees, what they are passionate about, and how these align with the organization's goals.  

Focusing on these areas when piloting and scaling Microsoft Viva can help ensure that the platform is not only effectively integrated into your organization’s tech ecosystem but also positively impacts your employees’ experience and productivity, ultimately driving your business to new heights.

Each of us has the passion and drive to do our best work. Organizations just need to communicate their purpose clearly and often.

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