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Document & Article Analytics Dashboard

Being huge fans of simple, user-friendly Power BI dashboards, we developed a solution that integrates these two applications giving you full visibility of your SharePoint metrics in one centralized location. The best thing about it is the ability to monitor all your key SharePoint metrics and drill into detailed data when needed.

Document & Article Analytics Dashboard
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The thing is that organizations don’t always know how their employees are using SharePoint. Fortunately, there are various tools that can help you track SharePoint user adoption – in fact, Microsoft provides some valuable SharePoint Analytics right out of the box. However, if you’re looking for more SharePoint reporting solution, you might want to consider integrating SharePoint with Power BI.

  • Learn how staff are interacting with SharePoint content.
  • Access both summary statistics and in-depth data about your SharePoint adoption in one central location.
  • PowerBI dashboard is easily tailored to your actual usage. This means that you can choose to see only the data that matters to you, and nothing more.
  • Enhanced filters to help narrow down your scope, view statistics across one or many document libraries.
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