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Changing how organizations & employees

You will love the way we work. Together.

Who we are

We are a generous and conscientious consulting company. Our trusted and experienced consultants solve challenging technology problems to improve your business.
Generosity at 2toLead is at the core of how we work
Our customers, employees, and communities call us generous.
Our industry has awarded us many times, from Microsoft MVPs to Neilson Norman awards, for the work we do together that goes above and beyond.
We are trusted to deliver more value more often, more readily, and more easily because our team cares and is empowered to pursue their passions.
Imagine the difference working with a generous team can make.
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2toLead is a generous consulting company with a focus on the employees, customers and community we service.
Flow diagram of our thought process.
Do what is right, do it well and do it thoroughly.
Knowledge separates the good from the great, but knowledge is also power.
We know how important it is to be responsible, thorough, careful, and diligent when it comes to maximizing technology so that its impact is as successful as possible.
Technology is also always changing so adaptability and flexibility are vital and paramount as we work in an organized, disciplined, and principled way.
We don't just work hard; we work smart, the right way, together.
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The future we help realize together is better.
Technology provides the opportunity to improve and grow.
While there are times the right thing to do is what's suitable for the short term, it's the long term that matters most.
Having an educated and expansive vision that is optimistic about the future enables us to focus on proactive technology change instead of always reactive technology investments that also tend to be more costly.
Work together to embrace and be open to potential.
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Optimizing our experiences making them better.
What We're Thinking

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