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Are your organization's sites and groups getting out of hand?
Microsoft Teams Governance on Laptop and Mobile Device

SharePoint, Outlook and Teams Governance

It is easy for any organization to lose control of their sites, groups, and teams in their digital workplace, especially with increased numbers of employees working from home and the fast-paced digital workplace development.

We know how to best manage and tackle sprawl and the challenges that come with Microsoft 365 success.
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We have developed and implemented hundreds of custom governance solutions

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We work closely with the Microsoft product teams on SharePoint Premium, Copilot Admin and other management experiences

Extend, Optimize, and Unlock the Full Potential of Copilot for Microsoft 365
Join us for the third installment of our “Tech-Forward” series, where we delve into the advanced capabilities of Copilot for Microsoft 365.
Management Partners

Governance and provisioning partners

Microsoft SharePoint Intranets
Microsoft SharePoint Premium
Content Governance, Backup and Archiving

SharePoint is the world’s largest and most flexible cloud content management platform. Content is the lifeblood of every organization. It is how great teams collaborate to build better products and services to delight customers. It is how leaders drive process transformation to increase agility and lower costs. Because of this, more content is being created than ever before, so it needs to be organized and managed with processes, security and compliance.

Microsoft 365 Archive

Keep your SharePoint content in Microsoft 365 Archive with cost-effective, long-term cold tier storage – without sacrificing manageability, security, and compliance.

Microsoft 365 Backup

With Microsoft 365 Backup, you can have an in-place backup solution with lightning-fast restorability from Microsoft to ensure business continuity.

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Microsoft SharePoint Premium
AvePoint Logo
Enterprise-Scale & Breadth

AvePoint offers an incredible breadth of products and services that make it easier and speedier to accomplish tasks whether your organization is all in with the cloud or in a Hybrid state. Protect, reduce more risk by improving processes, content security, and compliance across more collaboration platforms and solutions.

AvePoint Enterprise-Scale & Breadth
Migration as a Service

Migrate, move, restructure, and transform collaborative content faster, more reliably, and with greater fidelity.

Move to Office 365 or SharePoint Faster

Manage, automate governance, scale adoption, and improve IT operations while simplifying oversight and collaboration.

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Logo Rencore
Rencore Governance
Microsoft 365 Signal Monitoring

Rencore provides governance automation solutions that help you stay in control of Microsoft 365. With Rencore you can easily identify anomalies and trends that might affect your governance plan for Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Azure, and Power Platform and automate the necessary next steps.

Simplify Microsoft 365 Governance

Flexible, effective Microsoft 365 governance empowers everyone to reach business goals without friction – simplify Microsoft 365 governance with Rencore!

Take Back Control of Your Platform

Rencore Governance helps scale cloud governance for a wide range of Microsoft 365 services, including Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Loop, Entra ID, Exchange, Viva  Engage, and Power Platform.

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Rencore Governance Solution
Logomark Syskit Point
Syskit Point
Discover, Secure, and Control Microsoft 365

With Syskit Point you can have complete visibility, powerful reporting, and automated governance in a user-friendly and scalable platform. Syskit Point has been designed to help you secure and manage your M365 environment easily and securely.

Syskit Point Solutions
Visibility, Governance, and Security

Whether you need detailed reports, real-time access management actions, auditing activity, or to set up automated governance workflows, Syskit Point has you covered from one centralized platform.

Centralize Your Inventory

Reduce manual work and gain visibility with a centralized Inventory. See all users, structure, sharing, and resources across Microsoft Teams, Groups, OneDrive, SharePoint sites, and Power BI.

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ShareGate Apricot
ShareGate by Workleap
Teams Automation

Monitor your tenant and highlight ways to make it healthier based on the policies you set. Then automate and action those improvements. With many years in the industry, ShareGate, saw what was happening to digital workplaces after everything had been migrated and set out to solve the management and governance issue that comes with growth.

Get Visibility Over Sites and Teams

Daily insights to effectively manage SharePoint sites and Teams in one centralized location.

Automate Your Governance

Monitor your tenant daily and get all the information you need to inform governance policies.

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ShareGate Governance Solution
Colligo Logo
Compliant Collaboration

Colligo has incredible solutions that improve the functionality of SharePoint by making it easy to save and add metadata to SharePoint files right from Outlook, Teams, Word, Excel, and Microsoft 365/Microsoft Office 365. Their toolkit of SharePoint solutions, add-ins and web parts will help you stay organized and comp

Colligo Compliant Collaboration
A True Cloud-Based Solution

Content Manager provides an all-in-one interface for managing your content, full content and document control, and the ability to add metadata – empowering users to find and collaborate on content.

Maximize Investment

Maximize your Microsoft 365 investment with a SharePoint content management system augmented with Colligo add-ins for additional functionality, including SharePoint records management.

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Powell Logo
Powell Software
Design & Management

Powell Teams provides predefined templates that are easy to tailor and extend. It has a simplified Teams access and navigation experience, approval, management, governance, automation capabilities (including updating templates on existing teams), and smarter user dashboards, reporting, and enterprise recommendations.

Keep Microsoft Teams In Check

Ensure proper Microsoft Teams management to prevent Teams sprawl, security breaches, and bad habits while managing the entire Teams life cycle.

Advanced Collaboration

Powell Teams improves teamwork in Microsoft Teams to make it a collaborative experience that’s effortless and easy to manage and govern.

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Powell Solutions Dashboard
2toLead eBook - Manage & Understand Sprawl

Free Resource

Understand Common Sprawl Issues and How to Solve Them

Download our eBook if you are looking to smoothen teams creation in your organization, avoid dead teams where information goes to die, decrease security risks and more!

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