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Viva Connections Pilot

We will be bringing more personalization and integration to our Intranet while making it easier to access in the flow of work by being available directly from within Microsoft Teams desktop and mobile.

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Viva Connections Pilot
Educate & Plan For Viva Connections
Implement Connections & Pin The App
Empower Better Intranet Experiences

What will we do?

Educate Corporate Communications, Marketing & and IT teams on capabilities your organization already owns, but has yet to maximize.

Discuss key industry trends, patterns, and practices that Viva Connections addresses, such as how Microsoft Teams is becoming the digital hub of most digital workplaces, how intelligent boosting can lead to better communication, how unified feeds can bring more personalized, relevant, and engaging content to employees, how targetable and integrated dashboards can improve access to services and more.  

Establish a foundation to further evolve your communications strategy and employee experience over time-based on Teams, SharePoint, Yammer, Microsoft Viva and Microsoft 365 as a platform.

Viva Connections brings the Intranet experience not only into Microsoft Teams, but it provides new ways to create personalized navigation through highly relevant and integrated personalized dashboard and unified feed experiences. This results in improved employee engagement on the Intranet in both the desktop client of Teams as well as the mobile app (bringing the Intranet to that app experience).

How will we do it together?

Viva Connections Pilot Work Breakdown
What we will deliver
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Technologies Used
Microsoft Teams
Viva Connections
Estimated Duration