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Most Common SharePoint & Teams Sprawl Issues and How to Solve Them

Learn about the most common SharePoint and Microsoft Teams Sprawl issues and how to solve them. Also, gain insight into how Sprawl impacts both the end-user and IT.
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Inside your organization, content, communities, teams, groups, and sites grow over time. This is a positive result of digital adoption. As those digital workspaces grow in usage, volume, and variety, it can be challenging to manage and understand how the technology is leveraged, by whom, and where.

Understanding Microsoft Teams and SharePoint’s Common Issues When It Comes To Sprawl

For many organizations, understanding of digital workspaces and how they are being used is low because it often isn’t prioritized from the beginning. The organization may know that the workspace exists, perhaps who created it, and when it was created, but not much more about it. Certainly not enough to proactively manage the lifecycle, proactively support adoption, manage compliance effectively, or improve how people work within and across these workspaces. Are you ready to tackle Microsoft Teams sprawl but feel like something is holding you back?

Often times the barrier to better management and support is due to a lack of understanding. Lack of insight leads to the sprawl being classified as “unmanaged sprawl.” Transitioning to “managed sprawl” is the number one focus of effective SharePoint and Teams Governance for the Digital Workplace.  Luckily, we are here to help with the most common Sprawl related Microsoft Teams and SharePoint issues and solutions.

Download our eBook if you are looking to smoothen teams creation in your organization, avoid dead teams where information goes to die, decrease security risks and so much more!

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A Major Step Towards Better IT Governance
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