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Bring the Intranet to Users Where They Work

While it’s essential to start with bringing the Intranet experience into Teams with Viva Connections, you can also get the Intranet into the context where people work, whether in their inbox, IM messages, yammer, or in the office applications like Word.

Bring the Intranet to Users Where They Work
Educate and Plan for Viva Connections & Topics
Implement Connections & Explore Topics
Empower Connections & Integrated Experiences with the Intranet
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What will we do?

Our team of Intranet award winning talent, Intranet keynote speakers, Microsoft MVPs and industry experts will educate your Intranet teams on how Microsoft 365, Viva Connections & Viva Topics can bring the Intranet to users where they work.

We will help your organization plan an effective pilot of Viva Topics aligned with your own Intranet, departmental and content leads to ensure initial topics can be curated effectively and responsibly. Together we will enable new employee experiences with Viva Connections and Viva Topics.

We will support initial trialing and piloting of topics that bring the Intranet and the organizations information to users where they work in Outlook, Teams, Yammer, Word, SharePoint and more.

How will we do it?

Bring the Intranet to Users Where They Are Activity Listing


  • Enable Viva Connections
  • Enable & Curated Viva Topics

What differentiates this offer?

Viva Topics can struggle if a customer doesn’t start with a good initial set (that successfully demonstrate the value of quick reference-ability, discoverability and navigation support. By starting with proven effective content aligned with the Intranet (high quality content) this risk is greatly reduced.

Viva Topics often can struggle uphill against IT or an overtaxed organization leadership team as no one wants to ‘own’ or be responsible for topics (and their curation or approval). However the Intranet related teams already do this kind of work all the time and have a mandate for it (as well as the business connections throughout the business for it). By starting here there are far fewer initial headwinds and governance is much easier to initially tackle for the initially prioritized topics.

Workshops that overview topics are helpful but often aren’t focused enough on actioning next steps. By focusing the narrative on a smaller scope (Intranet related) it enables focused pilots that get off the ground faster and often are easier to fund/execute while still having far reaching perspectives (since all users often use the Intranet all users are prospects for Viva Topics licensing).

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Microsoft Teams
Viva Topics
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