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Viva Engage & Viva Amplify Leaders Pilot

Go beyond the Intranet and enhance engagement in your company communications across Communities, Storylines, AMA events, Teams, Intranet, Email, and more. Driving a more engaged and informed employee experience.

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Viva Engage & Viva Amplify Leaders Pilot
Educate & Plan For Viva Amplify & Engage Leaders Pilot
Implement Viva Amplify & Viva Engage Leadership Corner
Engage & Empower Communicators & Leaders

What will we do?

Educate Corporate Communications, Marketing & IT teams on capabilities your organization already owns, but hasn't maximized such as Viva Engage, Viva Connections, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint for company communications.

Discuss key industry trends, patterns and practices with an emphasis on marketing/communication best practices and how multi-channel communication can amplify and funnel people toward key content.

Demonstrate and map organization needs to Microsoft 365, Viva Engage, Viva Amplify, Copilot, SharePoint and Teams app experiences. Support and implement Viva Amplify and Viva Engage premium features for leaders to orchestrate and empower new levels of engagement and communication.

Establish a foundation to further evolve your communications strategy based on Teams, SharePoint, Email, AI Employee Experience, Viva and Microsoft 365 as a platform. Viva Amplify is a game changer for communications, but it requires an understanding of how internal multi-channel communication is best amplified.

How will we do it together?

Viva Engage and Viva Amplify Leaders Pilot Work Breakdown
What we will deliver
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Technologies Used
Microsoft 365 Copilot
Microsoft Teams
Viva Amplify
Viva Connections
Viva Engage
Estimated Duration