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Digital Workplace Directories

Navigating sites, teams, communities, and enterprise digital workspaces can be a challenge, but you can solve this challenge with metadata, user-led filtering, and effective directory experiences. Implement the most important investment for solving governance-related challenges with sprawl while providing a better experience.

Digital Workplace Directories
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Define an optimal digital workspace information architecture and implement a flexible and highly valuable Directory control that enables Digital Workplace owners, content authors, and IT to create rich pre-filtered/configured directory experiences. Example: One could be set to pre-filter all HR-related sites, teams and spaces on the HR departmental page.

Automate and import solution that discovers and adds teams and sites for IT and/or business review.

Shift to proactive governance and adoption by automating key actions and steps based on the underlying registry data to track business sponsors, security attestations, last reviewed with departmental lead, and more.

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