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Grow Your Skills App

Grow Your Skills is an app for employees to discover & contribute to gig projects or volunteer activities based on their interests which will help them to acquire new skills or master the ones that they already have right inside teams.

Grow Your Skills App
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Enable employees to discover and contribute to gig projects, hold study groups, or coordinate volunteer activities based on their interests which can help them to acquire new skills or master the ones they already have.

  • Discover and join new side projects that have been created by your peers in the organization. Search for projects of your choice or preference based on filters such as skill etc.
  • Create projects to request help with specific skills and give opportunities for your co-workers to grow
  • View the skills acquired across multiple projects in one place and endorse team members for skills and send a personal note during project closure
  • Configure a tab in a Channel filtered based on tags to look for any projects that are based on the topics or skills relevant to your team
  • Collaborate using Messaging, share the projects you have created or joined to garner more interest from your peers
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