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Viva Goals Pilot

Copilot for Microsoft 365 brings AI capabilities to your employees, but only if it can be responsibly enabled and effectively adopted. Work with our experts to perform detailed assessments, accelerate preparation, improve planning, run a world-class pilot program, and further refine, extend, and enhance your AI and Copilot success.

Viva Goals Pilot
Educate on the Importance of Connecting Goals to Outcomes
Expert-Led Discussions on Viva Goals & Designing Your Pilot Program
Implementation of Viva Goals Pilot & Pro-Active Support
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What will we do?

Empower objective alignment at the organizational, team and individual level. This pilot program should be expert-led as it will serve to demonstrate and discuss Microsoft 365 capabilities and solutions that improve and provide insights into employee objectives, alignment and goal management.

Configure and implement Viva Goals and a pilot program that helps employees connect, align, and manage goals and objectives in different ways further strengthening their performance, the team and organization culture and business growth.

Coach, mentor and support (with experts) pilot groups on the usage and refinement of their objectives, key results, and projects and help them adopt it meaningfully. Explore qualitative and quantitative findings on how much value it drove during and after the pilot period.

The challenge is it’s a business transformation supported by incredible technology based on a need for greater alignment and prioritization that goals can bring. Viva Goals itself can be easy to implement, but most organizations need to learn to adapt to using it and mature.

How will we do it together?

Viva Goals Pilot Work Breakdown
What we will deliver
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Technologies Used
Viva Goals
Microsoft Teams
Viva Connections
Estimated Duration