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Delivering compelling integrated search experiences.
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Connected Search

Enhancing the search experience

What if you could perform a search across all your systems, servers, and services from one place? What if that place was connected to each of the tools users already spend all their time in today?

That is what we can deliver through connected search experiences and targeted integrations with over 400 different systems today.

Popular Third-Party Integrations
Data Sync into O365 & SharePoint
Integrated ERP & CRM System Support
Partner Network

Integration & Search Partners

Layer2 Search Integration Solution
Layer 2 Logo
Cost Effective & Flexible

Layer2 leading solutions is the market-leading provider of data integration and document synchronization solutions for the Microsoft Cloud, focusing on Office 365, SharePoint, and Azure.

More than 2,500 companies worldwide and regional partners trust Layer2 products to keep data and files in sync between 100+ systems and apps in the cloud and on-premises. Extremely cost-effective licensing. There are no data volume-related costs. The number of sync items is unlimited (depending on your configurations).

BA Insight Search Solution for Microsoft Teams
BA Insight Logo
BA Insight
Power, Enterprise-Wide Search

Connect knowledge with seekers, reward questions with results, stop sifting and start asking. BA Insight does this by providing personalized, intelligent, connected (over 80 enterprise systems), relevant (automated and intelligent meta-tagging), and in-app search from anywhere.

ConnectivityHub is their highly scalable platform, which they have built-in 80+ business and enterprise systems to Microsoft search, SharePoint Online and SharePoint server.

Automated & Intelligent
Help your enterprise get a return on information. Give your teams an internet-like search capability so they can find what they need – turning frustrated employees into productive teams who can tap business knowledge just by asking.
Cognitive Search

Connecting your knowledge

Search for enterprises who want their organizational knowledge to be found, powered by Microsoft 365.

Personalized user experience
Connected & highly scalable
Relevant and automated
A.I. driven search
Our Awards
Great Place to Work Certified 2023

Great Place to Work Certified

Certified Great Place to Work

Great Place to Work Certified

Certified Microsoft Gold Partner

Microsoft Certified Gold Partner

NNg Intranet Design Award Winner 2020

Nielson Norman Group - Intranet Design Winner

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Digital Workplace of the Year

Nielson Norman Group - Intranet Design Winner  - 2015

Nielson Norman Group - Intranet Design Winner

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Nielson Norman Group - Intranet Design Winner

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