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Innovation Challenge App

This app is one of the Model-driven app samples for Power Apps that start a companywide innovation challenge. Leaders can establish challenges that can then support the contribution of ideas. Ideas are then submitted, reviewed, voted on, and the best ideas get funded for new projects.

Innovation Challenge App
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This app can support a point-in-time innovation challenge from an organization. It provides a place to create and administer innovation challenges, manage contributed ideas, report on challenges and ideas, and create projects to execute the best ideas.

  • Users can see a dashboard with active challenges data in a variety of formats as well as the top ideas.
  • Innovation challenges can be created and managed via their own lifecycle. Ideas can be submitted to each challenge scored, rated and more.
  • Ideas based on challenges can be turned into projects to be further executed, managed and tracked in this closed system or integrated with other systems and services via extensibility options.
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