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What we do

User Adoption

The success of a technology is based not only on how many use it, but how effectively they use it.
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We adapt our approach so that it aligns with your governance approach and maximizes the impact we can have with minimal cost.

Extend, Optimize, and Unlock the Full Potential of Copilot for Microsoft 365
Join us for the third installment of our “Tech-Forward” series, where we delve into the advanced capabilities of Copilot for Microsoft 365.

Planning Services

A strategy that works for you

The value of technology is not realized immediately upon purchase or deployment; it is realized as more and more users understand, adopt, and embrace the technology. Customers take advantage of our industry-leading technology practices to accelerate and maximize the benefits technology investments provide.

We offer over 19 adoption and support related services, including adoption planning and assessments, strategy and development services, or support in effectively implementing policies and guidance and procedures that improve technology governance and usage.

Adoption Planning
Digital Center of Excellence Services
Microsoft 365 Training Services
Flexible Support Services
Adoption & Support

Deployment excellence

Adoption Planning
Digital Center of Excellence

When users can’t decide what technology to use, they use what they know, even if better options exist. Getting more people to use technology is important. Often getting people to use more of the technology is just as important, if not more important, than getting them to use it. Successful adoption isn’t measured in infrequent and basic use of technology. Adoption is all about going beyond launch, so there is never a time not to invest further into it and the foundational governance and guidance that empowers an effective adoption plan.

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Shift & Adapt

We adapt our approach so that it aligns with your governance strategy and maximizes impact with minimal cost.

Understanding the Tech Trends

Technology is continually changing and many organizations leverage our team to provide the depth of technology experience necessary to ensure it is optimally maintained, managed and continually deployed.

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Flexible Microsoft 365 Training & Education
Training optimizes how users leverage technology and education improves awareness

We provide key training for end users and train the trainer expertise for leaders (IT or Business) that accelerates adoption and fills gaps that vendors like Microsoft haven’t made available. With training for beginners to power users taught by our MVPs, award winning experts, and experienced instructors, you can gain the skills you need that go beyond just understanding the features and functions of the Microsoft 365 suite and highlight how to best guide or use them.

Super Friendly Support

We're super friendly and pride ourselves on our ability to combine training with interactive exercises and know the value of adaptive training based on the current audiences challenges.

Outcome Based Training

Our team prefers to provide training that is outcome/results driven. As an example, instead of training on Microsoft Teams it should be training on how to improve meetings.

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Flexible Microsoft 365 Support
Proactive recommendations to protect your investment

At 2toLead, we support everything Microsoft 365, even if it was built by someone else. We can provide best practice guidance, custom development, branding, design, installation, administration, configuration, training, issue resolution, and health checks. Our engagement model is flexible by design as requests are either proactively planned or reactively requested.

As part of our regular connects, we work with your team to identify and capture your requests into a jointly managed backlog. This model takes the best of agile and scrum methodologies to ensure that we can adapt to your needs.

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Delivering Impact & Value

Our team wants to ensure our support always delivers meaningful value to your investments.

Support that Suits Your Needs

From fixed pre-planned support for peace of mind to dynamic adaptive support, we offer you options that provide the right approach for your organization and preferences.

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Free Resource

Everything you need to know about Microsoft 365 adoption

Explore the benefits of an Microsoft 365 Intranet, and why you should consider migrating your existing Intranet to Office 365 today.

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Whitepaper: The Definitive Guide to Improving Microsoft 365 Adoption
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