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Extending the Employee Dashboard

Expand your employee dashboard with Viva Connections Extension. Implement dashboard cards to empower connections and integrated experiences, boosting productivity and engagement.

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Extending the Employee Dashboard
Educate & Plan For Viva Connections Extension
Implement Connections Dashboard Cards
Empower Connections & Integrated Experiences

What will we do?

Together we will review the possibilities and opportunities custom dashboard cards provide and align organization and user needs.

Our team will design and document (including wireframes) the card(s) to be developed based on industry best practices.

The new card designs will be created using Teams, SharePoint, or custom development techniques. They will be tested and deployed in a QA tenant environment.

We will deploy the ready for release cards into production for user acceptance testing, configuration/optimization and piloting.

Our team will help support the launch of these new cards and their effective adoption.

How will we do it together?

Estimated duration of solution
What we will deliver
Design Documentation & Employee Experience Backlog
Design Documentation & Employee Experience Backlog
Custom Viva Connections Dashboard (Cards)
Custom Viva Connections Dashboard (Cards)
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Technologies Used
Viva Connections
Microsoft Teams
Estimated Duration