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Viva Topics Pilot

Using AI, Microsoft Viva Topics can automatically identify, organize, and deliver relevant information to employees in the apps they use every day, such as Outlook, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Search.

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Viva Topics Pilot
Share Knowledge Across Your Network
Discover & Connect with Knowledge Experts
Reduce Cost & Improve Productivity

What will we do?

Microsoft Viva Topics is a service that helps organizations create, manage, and share knowledge across their teams and systems. Facilitating effective adoption of the Viva Topics platform, in even a limited capacity will help enhance knowledge management, boost employee productivity, improve existing curated content such as key intranet pages and promote a culture of knowledge sharing.

Viva Topics, as a knowledge management solution, will enable the organization to better harness and utilize its collective knowledge. This will result in a more informed, engaged workforce that can access relevant information quickly and easily.

By surfacing relevant information and resources within the flow of everyday work, Viva Topics will reduce the time employees spend searching for information. This will free up time for more productive tasks, leading to an overall increase in employee productivity.

The implementation of Viva Topics will facilitate collaboration by creating a shared knowledge base that is easily accessible to all employees. This can lead to improved teamwork, more informed decision-making, and a more cohesive organizational culture.

With the organization's knowledge neatly curated and easily accessible, new hires can hit the ground running. The learning curve for new employees will be significantly reduced, enabling them to contribute more quickly to the organization's goals.

The ongoing support and recommendations provided post-pilot will enable the organization to continuously improve its use of Viva Topics. This iterative approach will ensure that the tool evolves with the organization's needs, maximizing its value over time.

How will we do it together?

Viva Topics Pilot Work Breakdown
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Microsoft Teams
Viva Topics
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