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Waypoint: Improved Mega Menu

Enhance your SharePoint Intranet navigation with the Improved Mega Menu solution. Set preferred languages and target specific groups. Organize and categorize your departments and groups by headings that work for your organization.

Waypoint: Improved Mega Menu
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Based on years of experience designing and implementing digital workplaces, we have developed a solution that leverages best in class navigation principals. Meet Waypoint, our custom digital workplace navigation solution.

What's the problem?

The ability to navigate, or move between different content areas underpins the entire legitimacy of the digital workplace as a concept. Like a town planned without roadways or sidewalks, much of a city's offerings and core services will go unnoticed, unvisited and missed by its visitors.

Unfortunately, the problem starts straight out of the box. SharePoint navigation has an array of elements competing for your attention, all of which can be managed by  groups and departments across the organization.

Navigation is both mission critical and the most challenging feature to get right.

We can help

Save countless hours of company time

The different layers of navigation in our header menu allows you to simplify the different areas of access with lists and iconography as well as keeping important site links close. 

While site links focus on important links at the employee level, our configurable footer ensures important links at the org level are easy to find and navigate from.

Mobile First

Worried about improving the front line worker experience? No need! Our solution works great on mobile or tablet with responsive design that’s ready for any screen.

Secure information without breaking Employee Experience

Whether you want to protect sensitive information from different arms of the business, departments, employees,  or all the above, unified portals allow for information to stay confidential while still feeling connected with unified, but targeted, navigation.

Empower Employee Experience

Of course, stronger navigation and better security layers add to the employee experience but it doesn’t end there. 

Showcase your brand with different look and feels how you represent your company on social and/or encourage employees to engage with your brand with social icon links in the footer.

Features include:

  • User Centered Design
  • Maximized Real Estate
  • Flexible Layouts - Full Responsive
  • Intuitive Controls
  • Multilingual
  • Custom Branding Options
  • Aligned With Microsoft

Unify your intranet

Forget hubs—they’re so 2019. Easily navigate between overarching portals within a single environment, each with their own independent navigation experience. Want to learn more about Waypoint and how it can help your digital workplace Employee Experience? We can help.

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