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Teams Empowered Company Communication

Go beyond the Intranet and enhance your company communications across Microsoft Teams and other key experiences with Microsoft Viva, Company Communicator and the right Intranet and corporate communications strategy.

Teams Empowered Company Communication
Educate & Plan for Viva Connections
Implement Connections & Communicator
Empower Communications with Microsoft Teams
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What will we do?

Educate Corporate Communications, Marketing & IT teams on capabilities your organization already owns, but hasn't maximized.

Discuss key industry trends, patterns and practices with award winning and exceptionally talented communication industry leaders. Demonstrate and map organization needs to Microsoft 365, Viva and Teams app experiences such as Company Communicator for Microsoft Teams.

Support or implement Viva Connections experiences as well as Microsoft Company Communicator for Microsoft Teams. Establish a foundation to further evolve your communications strategy based on Teams, SharePoint, Yammer and Microsoft 365 as a platform.

How Will We Do It?

Activities and Touchpoints for Company Communicator


  • Enabled Viva Connections
  • Enabled Company Communicator

What differentiates this offer?

Viva Connections is about more than just enablement. It’s about adopting and extending (especially the dashboard).

Many company communications teams (and other executives) don’t understand the power of the integrated suite, or Teams as more than just an IM and meetings platform. This changes that perspective.

Integration with Viva Dashboard (Workday, ServiceNow etc.) demonstrates extremely well and easy to grasp. Once these leaders are aware of it at a higher level (and see it as easily accessible) this leads to broader adoption of Teams apps/integration and Microsoft Search integration.

Company Communicator solves a real gap today in reach/publishing while being easy to implement, easy to extend and a great example of how to build solutions on top of Teams to meet business needs (until Project Vinci takes this further).

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Technologies Used
Viva Connections
Microsoft Teams
Estimated Duration
Microsoft Context
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