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Viva Glint Pilot

Microsoft Viva Glint is a people-driven platform that provides visibility into the health of your organization and guides effective action. It also integrates with other Microsoft Viva apps, such as Viva Insights, Viva Pulse, Viva Connections, and more.

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Viva Glint Pilot
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What will we do?

Viva Glint helps you create a culture of feedback and action, analyze strengths and opportunities, compare benchmarks, and use suggested actions to drive business outcomes. As a company that specializes in Microsoft Viva solutions, we offer the following professional services to our customers when implementing Viva Glint:

We can help you set up and configure Viva Glint in your Microsoft 365 environment, ensuring that it is integrated with other Microsoft Viva apps and Microsoft Teams.

Using our trusted patterns and practices, we can assist you in designing and customizing your survey templates and questions, based on your organizational goals, culture, and values. We then provide training and support for your managers and employees on how to use Viva Glint effectively, such as how to create and launch surveys, how to interpret and act on the results, and how to engage in meaningful conversations and feedback.  

As your organization begins to implement Viva Glint, we will teach you how to monitor and measure the impact on your employee engagement, performance, and well-being, using the advanced analytics and reporting features of Viva Glint.

We can also offer you additional services, such as consulting, coaching, and change management, to help you create and sustain a culture of feedback and action in your organization.

How will we do it together?

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Viva Connections
Viva Insights
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