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Center of Digital Excellence

Every organization is working hard to improve digital excellence. Having a center for digital excellence is a foundational solution that will work to reinforce and communicate governance, provide a hub for self-service learning, connect champions, mentors, and experts, and house tips, tricks and considerable adoption material.

Center of Digital Excellence
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What does it do?

Acting as a hub for digital excellence, this templated or customized site, yammer community, and connected teams serves as a place to store, share, monitor, and manage digital excellence, within the organization.

When used in combination with Viva Learning and other technology investments such as Microsoft Learning Pathways it can surface and connect users to learning programs, materials, and resources.

The Digital CoE is also a foundational investment for governance as it provides a clear location for sharing, storing, and enabling a richer understanding of your digital governance policies and guidance. Many house champion programs, lists, mentorship, Q&A-driven communities, and much more.

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