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Microsoft Viva Empowers Healthcare Assessment Provider with Greater Employee Engagement

December 11, 2023
6 min read
Microsoft Viva Empowers Healthcare Assessment Provider with Greater Employee Engagement
Case Study Details
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Our client is a global leader in the development and distribution of scientifically validated assessments for mental health, education, and career development. With offices across multiple countries, they employ a diverse workforce of highly skilled professionals dedicated to improving lives through accurate and reliable assessment solutions.

The Situation

Our client, a leading provider of innovative assessment solutions in the healthcare industry, faced numerous challenges in aligning employee performance with organizational objectives and fostering continuous learning. To address these concerns, 2toLead recommended the implementation of Microsoft Viva Goals and Viva Learning, two integrated tools that will revolutionize their approach to goal setting, tracking, and employee development.

The Challenges

Lack of goal alignment - Our client faced challenges in aligning individual goals with the company's strategic objectives. This misalignment resulted in reduced productivity and limited visibility into progress.

Inefficient performance tracking - Existing systems for tracking employee performance were cumbersome and lacked real-time updates, leading to delayed feedback and limited opportunities for course correction.

Limited learning opportunities - They recognized the importance of fostering a culture of continuous learning but struggled to provide accessible and relevant learning resources to employees.

The Solution

After careful evaluation of their requirements and challenges, 2toLead proposed the adoption of Microsoft Viva Goals and Viva Learning. These two integrated tools, part of the broader Microsoft Viva platform, were identified as the most suitable solution to address MHS's goal alignment and learning needs.

Microsoft Viva Goals

Microsoft Viva Goals enabled our client to streamline the goal-setting process, fostering alignment across the organization.

Key features and benefits included:

• Transparent goal setting - The platform provided a centralized location for setting, tracking, and monitoring goals, ensuring clarity and accountability

• Cascading goals - They implemented cascading goals, enabling alignment of individual and team goals with the company's strategic objectives, fostering collaboration and a shared sense of purpose.

• Real-time progress tracking - Employees and managers could monitor progress in real-time, facilitating timely feedback, coaching, and course correction to improve performance.

Microsoft Viva Learning

Microsoft Viva Learning facilitated a culture of continuous learning by providing a unified platform for accessing learning resources, including formal training courses, videos, articles, and personalized recommendations.

Key features and benefits included:

• Centralized learning hub - Viva Learning created a central repository of learning resources, making it easy for employees to discover, access, and share relevant content.

• Integration with existing systems - The platform seamlessly integrated with existing learning management systems (LMS) and content providers, consolidating resources and improving accessibility.

• Personalized learning experiences - Viva Learning utilized AI-driven algorithms to deliver personalized learning recommendations, ensuring employees could access the most relevant content to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Results and Benefits

Since the implementation of Microsoft Viva Goals and Viva Learning, our client has experienced significant improvements in organizational performance, employee engagement, and learning outcomes.

Key results and benefits include:

• Improved goal alignment - The transparency and visibility provided by Viva Goals facilitated a clear line of sight from individual goals to the company's strategic objectives, resulting in improved goal alignment across the organization.

• Enhanced performance tracking - Real-time progress tracking and continuous feedback through Viva Goals allowed for proactive performance management, resulting in increased productivity and accountability.

• Cultivated culture of continuous learning - Viva Learning empowered employees to take control of their learning journeys, resulting in a more engaged and skilled workforce. The personalized recommendations ensured that employees could access relevant content tailored to their specific needs.

• Increased knowledge sharing and collaboration - Viva Learning's centralized learning hub encouraged employees to share resources and collaborate, fostering a culture of knowledge sharing and cross-functional learning.


The adoption of Microsoft Viva Goals and Viva Learning has been instrumental in transforming our client's approach to goal alignment, performance tracking, and employee development. By leveraging these integrated tools, they have successfully enhanced goal transparency, improved performance management, and fostered a culture of continuous learning. The positive outcomes achieved by our client serve as a testament to the power of Microsoft Viva Goals and Viva Learning in driving organizational success in the healthcare industry.

Next Steps and Recommendations

Based on the success of this implementation, we recommend that they continue to leverage Microsoft Viva Goals and Viva Learning as integral components of their talent management and learning strategies. Furthermore, we recommend regular assessment and optimization of these tools to align with evolving organizational needs and ensure continued success.

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Case Study Details
Org Size: < 249

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