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Top 7 Need-to-Knows Before Implementing and Scaling Microsoft Copilot

February 2, 2024
3 min read
Top 7 Need-to-Knows Before Implementing and Scaling Microsoft Copilot
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You already know that embarking on a journey with Copilot promises to elevate your Microsoft 365 experience to double and triple your organizations output, decrease workload stress, and improve efficiency.

However, to reach that level of organizational impact, you’ll need to learn to scale Copilot, responsibly, while watching for a few avoidable and unavoidable challenges along the way.

Recently, our CTO and Microsoft MVP, Richard Harbridge, joined Knut Relbe-Moe for a TekkiTalk to discuss scaling up Microsoft Copilot!

Our CTO and Microsoft MVP, Richard Harbridge, on TekkiTalk hosted by Knut Relbe-Moe.

In this blog post, we'll pull from that video to delve into the valuable insights shared by Richard, and provide the top 7 need-to-knows!

#1 More Than Just a Tool

You may have seen the beginning of its potential but prepare to witness a paradigm shift in your organization's digital landscape. It is important you understand that Microsoft Copilot is not merely a tool; it's a revolutionary force that brings together deferred projects like migrations, security enhancements, and governance strategies.

Takeaway: Brace yourself for a holistic transformation in the way your organization operates.

#2 Navigating the Seas of Security Challenges

As Copilot opens doors to innovation, it also exposes potential security risks. Your organization will need to craft strategies that not only address but also proactively tackle security concerns, ensuring a robust and secure Copilot implementation.

Takeaway: Arm yourself with knowledge to navigate security challenges and ensure a seamless Copilot experience.

#3 Microsoft Copilot's Impact on Work Patterns

Copilot isn't just a tool; it's a catalyst for redefining work patterns. It enhances collaboration, fortifies security measures, and streamlines governance. Richard introduces a strategic approach involving digital Centers of Excellence and fitness initiatives to harness Copilot's full potential.

Takeaway: Copilot is not just a tool; it's an agent of organizational evolution.

#4 Decoding Copilot Licensing and Accessibility

Understanding Copilot licensing is paramount. Richard shared his perspective on the need for a guiding principle for AI accessibility and shed light on Copilot experiences that apply to every user, unlocking its full potential for organizational growth.

Takeaway: Tailor Copilot licensing to user roles and witness its transformative impact on your organization.

#5 Copilot in Action

Curious about Copilot in action? Richard guides us through practical scenarios, making Viva workloads more accessible and showcasing its impact on collaboration, productivity, and insights within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Takeaway: Witness Copilot revolutionize your work within Microsoft 365, bringing about a new era of efficiency.

#6 Learning and Implementation Strategies

Ready to embark on your Copilot journey? Richard recommends a phased approach: start with personal productivity scenarios, progress to team learning, and gradually explore organizational usage. Utilize Bing Chat Enterprise, now Copilot in Bing, as your starting point for a seamless Copilot exploration.

Takeaway: Learn, implement, and scale your Copilot usage progressively for maximum impact.

#7 Copilot Beyond Microsoft Tools: A World of Possibilities

Copilot's potential extends beyond Microsoft tools. You should explore its applications in external scenarios like competitor analysis and marketing. Richard encouraged accessibility and learning within the tech community, showcasing Copilot's diverse capabilities.

Takeaway: Think beyond the Microsoft suite – Copilot is your companion beyond boundaries.

Ready to Soar with Microsoft Copilot?

As you embark on your Copilot journey, remember: it's not just about the tool; it's about unlocking new possibilities, transforming work patterns, and collaborating at an unprecedented level.  

For more help with Copilot, take a look at our Microsoft Copilot Rollout Companion!

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