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Microsoft Copilot Rollout Companion - Prepare, Pilot, Scale, and Extend

Is your organization getting ready to rollout Microsoft Copilot? We put together a 4-step video and checklist series that will enable you to know what you NEED to do before, during the pilot, while scaling, and even extending its capabilities.

AI has and continues to heavily impact the way we work across ALL aspects of business. Have you eagerly anticipated the general availability of Microsoft Copilot? You're not alone!

While you may have heard that companies have seen a 50% increase in productivity and developers saw a satisfaction spike between 60–75%, you can now get your hands on it and experience these miraculous optimizations yourself!

To celebrate, we put together four videos and accompanying checklists you can use along your Microsoft Copilot journey!

Step 1 - Preparing for Microsoft Copilot

Step 2 - Piloting Microsoft Copilot

Step 3 - Scaling Microsoft Copilot

Step 4 - Extending Microsoft Copilot

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