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How to Use AI to Transform Your Customer Experience and Employee Experience

It's time to take advantage of how AI can positively impact both the Employee Experience (EX) and the Customer Experience (CX) in our webinar with ZIRO!
Team 2toLead

In the post-pandemic and hybrid world, the importance of effective conversations in both customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) has surged.

Historically, voice data has primarily enhanced customer support, but with the integration of advanced recording, transcription, and AI-driven tools, there's a newfound potential to elevate all employee interactions.

AI copilot agents stand at the forefront of this transformation, offering streamlined customer interactions, real-time insights for support agents, and organizational agility. The transition from chat to voice calls presents both an opportunity and a challenge.

While analytics have been a mainstay in CX, their application in EX remains largely untapped. This disparity offers organizations a chance to holistically understand operations and create a seamless synergy between CX and EX.

However, the utilization of AI and analytics brings forth challenges, especially concerning data anonymization and de-anonymization in the context of employee data. As privacy norms evolve, organizations must tread carefully, balancing the promise of AI with ethical considerations.

Join industry experts Steven Karachinsky, Chief Executive Officer of ZIRO and Richard Harbridge, Chief Technology Officer at 2toLead as they share insights, best practices and lessons learned that can help your organization navigate forward faster with AI.  

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