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Connected Cloud in a Day

Empower your cloud journey with Connected Cloud in a Day. From education and planning to exploring capabilities and expert-led recommendations, fast-track your path to a more integrated cloud experience.

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Connected Cloud in a Day
Educate & Plan for a More Integrated & Connected Cloud
Explore Capabilities & Proven Approaches
Expert Led Recommendations & Roadmap Planning

What will we do?

Explore the organizations current state and identify opportunities for integration and connection that improve organization outcomes and maximize Microsoft 365 benefits.

Provide strategic guidance on priority, complexity, and the value of connections from legacy or cloud systems into Microsoft 365.

Educate on 1st party (Microsoft), community and 3rd party tooling and resources that can accelerate or support connecting and integrating.

Share summarized recommendations to accelerate connection and integration next steps.

How will we do it together?

Connected Cloud in a Day Activities

What we will deliver
Educational Workshops
Educational Workshops
Connection Recomendations
Connection Recomendations
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Technologies Used
Viva Topics
Viva Connections
Microsoft Teams
Estimated Duration