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Connected Cloud in a Day

As collaboration and communication volume, velocity and variety increase so do the tools we use. Many organizations are surprised at how many ways they can integrate, enhance and enrich Microsoft 365 with data or connections with other systems via Microsoft Search, Power Platform, Teams, & More.

Connected Cloud in a Day
Educate & Plan for a More Integrated & Connected Cloud
Explore Capabilities & Proven Approaches
Expert Led Recommendations & Roadmap Planning
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What will we do?

Explore the organizations current state and identify opportunities for integration and connection that improve organization outcomes and maximize Microsoft 365 benefits.

Provide strategic guidance on priority, complexity, and the value of connections from legacy or cloud systems into Microsoft 365.

Educate on 1st party (Microsoft), community and 3rd party tooling and resources that can accelerate or support connecting and integrating.

Share summarized recommendations to accelerate connection and integration next steps.

How will we do it?

Connected Cloud in a Day Activities


  • Educational Workshops
  • Connection Recommendations

How do we enable more innovation?

We build on Microsoft and envision solutions that are moving towards an integrated workplace and digital hub.

Key reasons

  • Improved collaboration and communication
  • Microsoft realized through it’s success, that NUBNER 1 people are moving to the cloud, and NUMBER 2 they want to work together effectively without typical burdens in our day to day work load
  • Many people were already familiar with Microsoft products. Building on that and integrating on that experience.. MS has turned fully around.
  • Hence moving towards the cloud, introducing collaboration tools helped them to moved towards an integrated digital workspace.
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Viva Topics
Viva Connections
Microsoft Teams
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