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Viva Learning Pilot

There is quite a bit that a Viva Learning pilot can do to help optimize learning and development access and ease while filling gaps in personalization, sharing and more than a modern employee needs.

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Viva Learning Pilot
Make learning collaborative
Empower employees to control their learning journey
Aggregate learning from across your organization

What will we do?

Viva Learning is a feature of the Microsoft Viva employee experience platform and acts as a centralized hub that seamlessly integrates learning and building skills into your day. You can access learning content from Microsoft 365, Teams, LinkedIn Learning, and other providers, as well as your organization's learning management systems. You can also recommend learning to your colleagues, track your progress, and schedule dedicated time for learning in your Outlook calendar.

By participating in a Microsoft Viva Learning Pilot program, you will be able to experience the benefits of Microsoft Viva Learning firsthand and see how it can transform your organization's learning culture and performance.  

Our dedicated team of experts will guide your organization through the setup and configuration of Viva Learning through a series of workshops. These activities are designed to capture and refine success metrics, deployment requirements, and training topics. You will gain insights and guidance from our experts on how to best leverage Microsoft Viva Learning for your specific needs and scenarios.  

Receive support and assistance throughout the pilot program to ensure a smooth and successful implementation of Microsoft Viva Learning. We will then develop a roadmap outlining best practices for scaling and sustaining Viva Learning adoption across their organization.

The Viva Learn pilot program is a great way to showcase the value of Viva Learning and help transform the learning culture in your organization.

How will we do it together?

The Microsoft Viva Learning Pilot is designed for an average duration of 6 to 10 weeks, depending on the size and complexity of your organization. The pilot program consists of the following phases:

Viva Learning Pilot Work Breakdown
What we will deliver
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Technologies Used
Microsoft Teams
Viva Learning
Estimated Duration