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Improve Employee Connectivity With Microsoft 365

Empower insights that enable employees to be more connected. Identify expertise and align it with employees. Enable employees to extend and strengthen their networks within the organization with solutions that improve retention, connection and engagement.

Improve Employee Connectivity With Microsoft 365
Educate on Importance of Connected Employees
Expert Led Discussions on Viva Insights, Topics & M365 Solutions
Provide Recommendations & Next Steps
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What will we do?

Our team of experts will demonstrate and discuss Microsoft 365 capabilities and solutions that improve and provide insights into employee connectivity, networking and organization resiliency.

We will share insight into how to successfully engage and connect your employees even in hybrid or entirely remote environments.

Provide ready to deploy and implement solutions that your organization can implement that integrate and are built into Microsoft Teams, Outlook and SharePoint that help employees connect in different ways further strengthening their networks, increasing productivity and collaboration and improving retention.

What differentiates this offer?

There are a lot of mergers and acquisitions occurring and networking and meshing organizational units and teams is important right now. This series of workshops shows how Microsoft 365 functionality, especially Viva Insights can improve M&A outcomes.

The great resignation is leading many customers to consider how to better retain talent. Networked employees who are highly connected is one of the major drivers for retention, and also insightful for understanding associated attrition risks (highly networked employee departures result in more impact from the departure).

Microsoft Viva Insights can sometimes be hard to get full investment in, but by pairing it with simple solutions that are Teams apps, SharePoint experiences, or aligning it to Topics (which is typically easier to deploy at scale) leads to accelerated investment.

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