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What is Microsoft Power Pages and How to Use It?

January 16, 2024
5 min read
What is Microsoft Power Pages and How to Use It?
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If you’re interested in providing the best possible website for your customers, you’ve likely spent time researching the different platforms out there. So you might be wondering: what is Power Pages?  

What Is Microsoft Power Pages?

Microsoft Power Pages is an enterprise-grade SaaS platform designed for creating and managing external-facing websites. It’s a relatively easy-to-use, fully secure service that requires little coding and is ideal for both experienced developers and newbies alike.

Power Pages Design studio.

Power Pages was released at Microsoft Build in May of 2022, so it’s also one of the newer platforms currently on the market. The software is also part of the Microsoft Power Platform family. It is able to easily sync with the Microsoft Dataverse, allowing you to store all of your business data in one centralized location.  

Power Pages is an excellent option for building client-facing websites for anyone, regardless of their technical skill level. The platform is intended to have little to no code components and assets, making it simple and accessible to use. Users can create and publish applications and web pages with preset templates and a built-in design studio filled with amazing tools and graphics.

Read this article to learn more about Microsoft Power Pages, how to get started using it, how pricing and licensing work, and other helpful tips to help you make the most of this powerful tool.

What Can You Use Power Pages For?

So what can you do with Power Pages? The truth is, quite a lot! Here are some of the most common ways that developers both new and well-versed utilize Microsoft Power Pages to improve their workflows:  

1. Syncing with the Microsoft Dataverse

One of the perks of Microsoft Power Pages is that it is automatically connected to the Microsoft Dataverse, which makes it simpler than ever to access all of your key business data and customer information. With Power Pages, you can collect and store your info inside the Dataverse, import it into tables, and even model it with a built-in designer.  

Various components of Microsoft Power Platform.

2. Creating Responsive, Customer-Facing Websites

Power Pages is able to help you easily design UX/UI-rich landing pages. UX refers to user experience and is a crucial part of ensuring a high conversion rate and long term sustainability for your business. Landing page UX design is especially important, since it’s the first thing that customers see when they visit your website. A strong CTA (call to action) is vital, as are relevant keywords and an intuitive design that allows for easy navigation.  

UI, on the other hand, is an abbreviation for user interface and is similar in concept to user experience. User interface focuses on your webpage’s overall functionality and feel. The goal of UI design is to provide the best possible user experience consistently across different platforms and devices (such as mobile vs. desktop.)

A website built using Power Pages.

User interface design refers to the actual assets and elements (like your template) that are combined and used to create your user experience. Your user experience is the actual interaction between your customer and your website.

I Want to Use Power Pages — Now What?

If you’re curious about trying out Microsoft Power Pages, Microsoft offers a thirty-day free trial to help you decide whether or not it’s right for your business. After that, you can choose from various plans according to your needs.

Once you’ve got your subscription, it’s time to actually get started using Power Pages. You’ll need to select the Microsoft Dataverse environment where you’d like your site to be created, as well as select create a site on the Power Pages homepage. After that, you can choose your desired template.  

Next, validate your default site name and web address. The Design Studio will then display provisioning information and options. Creating the website can take up to a few minutes, after which you can edit or preview as much as needed before publishing.

How Much Is Power Pages Pricing?

What about Microsoft Power Pages pricing? Microsoft offers access to Power Pages on a subscription plan basis that allows you to choose between anonymous or authenticated users per website.

A screenshot of a subscription plansDescription automatically generated

Here are all of the key details of the plans below:

Authenticated Users Per Website Plans

For $200 USD for every 100 users per site per month, this subscription plan offers the following perks and benefits:  

  • Access to authentication providers
  • Built-in content delivery network support
  • Dataverse storage

Pricing by volume is also available in three separate tiers.

Authenticated Users Per Website Plans price tiers

Anonymous Users Per Website Plans

This option costs $75 for every 500 users per site per month. As with the above option, pricing by volume is available in three separate tiers.  

Anonymous Users Per Website Plans price tiers

The following is also included:  

  • Allow users to browse low-code business websites anonymously
  • Built-in content delivery network support
  • Dataverse storage

How Does Microsoft Power Pages Licensing Work?

It’s also important that you properly understand how Power Pages licensing works before deciding whether or not it’s right for your business. Power Points authentication is relative to the number of authenticated users who access your website each month.  

Authenticated users per website plans come in capacity packs of 100 and are assigned at your environmental level. The authentication process works the same for anonymous users as it does for authenticated ones.  

Your authenticated user capacity allows access to one Power Page site per month, so if you require access to multiple pages, you’ll need to purchase additional user capacity before proceeding.

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