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5 Power Pages Templates for You to Hit the Ground Creating!

January 9, 2024
5 min read
5 Power Pages Templates for You to Hit the Ground Creating!
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Microsoft Power Pages represents a powerful solution for numerous entities — from individuals and entrepreneurs to small and large businesses. Power Pages is a versatile solution, enabling the creation of everything from simple brochures to landing pages, portals, and site pages.

One of the key strengths of Power Pages is its easy-to-use interface, which enables users without coding and programming experience to create high-quality web pages. Further enhancing this capability, Power Pages offers a range of templates to use as a starting point for creating impactful and engaging touchpoints.  

To make the best use of Power Pages, it can often be helpful to thoroughly understand what a Power Pages template is and take in a few examples of useful Power Pages templates. We’ll explain what a Microsoft Power Pages Template is and look at 5 Microsoft Power Pages Templates for you to hit the ground running.  

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What Are Power Pages Templates?

Power Pages templates are useful starting points that you can use to build your web pages using Microsoft Power Pages. Power Pages offers a range of templates that you can choose from, including starter layout templates that have the core features of a standard organization website, as well as several specific solutions templates, which range from program registration to application processing.

These templates include easy-to-customize key components that relate to their use cases. For example, starter layout templates will include a home page, subpages, Contact Us page, and

Search results. People can use Power Pages templates to quickly and efficiently build high-quality websites, whether you just need to create an effective landing page or build a registration portal for your organization.  

To find Power Pages templates in Power Pages, you’ll need to choose the correct Microsoft Dataverse environment where you want to build your web pages. From there, after you select “Create a site,” you’ll be given templates to choose from.  

Power Pages Templates - Step 1 in creating a power page

5 Power Pages Templates – Examples and Applications

To better understand how to use Power Pages templates, let’s explore 5 examples.

1. Starter Layout Templates

For a general starting point, Starter Layout templates can be quite useful. They include the basic components of a website, including a home page, subpages that you can configure to your needs, a Contact Us page where users can find a feedback form, and a search results page.

Use Cases - Applications

These can be applicable in many use cases, as nearly any organization or entrepreneur can result from a high-quality website. Starter Layout templates can be used to quickly create a high-quality website in nearly any industry or for non-business organizations. You can choose from various themes that vary in design, color, and format, though they’ll all contain the core components of a typical website.  

One of the starter template layouts available in Power Pages.  This starter layout template is a rich blue and displays a header with white text. The body of the page is in 2 column layout.  The left column includes white starter text and an orange button.  The right column includes an image of colorful skyscrapers and a bright, cloudy sky.

2. Program Registration

Should you need to create a registration system for your organization, a program registration template can be a helpful starting point. This template includes several core features that underscore the capabilities of Power Pages in creating a range of various touch points — including a home page, an unregistered attendee page, an add attendee profile page, attendee information, and more.

Use Cases – Applications

This template can be useful for nearly any organization seeking to create a registration page or registration portal in Power Pages. This template can be a starting point for school administrators, event coordinators for a convention, or anyone who needs to create a program registration system.

The program registration template landing page.

3. Frequently Asked Questions

To both reduce user queries and enable users to seek answers independently, an FAQ page can be a helpful component of a web experience. The FAQ template provides a useful starting point from which you can create a topics-based frequently asked questions page. The template includes core components, such as a home page, a topics page, a search page, and article pages for help articles.

Use Cases – Applications

A well-maintained FAQ page can benefit nearly any organization, standing to not only reduce customer or member confusion but also the amount of help queries submitted as a result. As such, while an FAQ page generally fills one role, it’s widely applicable across various industries and organizations.

Screenshot of the FAQ template user interface.

4. Schedule and Manage Meetings

Managing meetings can be important. A smooth scheduling system can help reduce avoidable headaches and confusion. The schedule and manage meetings template demonstrates how to use Power Pages to create intuitive and smooth meeting management pages. It includes important pages to that end — such as Book an Appointment, Cancel an Appointment, and Cancel Confirmation.

Use Cases – Applications

This template can be a helpful starting point for professionals and organizations who need to manage meetings with a range of individuals. Scheduling can be used to set client or customer-facing appointments, as well as internal meeting appointments. Businesses with many client meetings, such as medical professionals and financial specialists, can particularly benefit from a robust web-facing scheduling system.

The Schedule and manage meetings landing page in the design studio.

5. Application Processing

The application processing template can be a useful starting point if your organization processes applications. This template includes components important to that end, such as a Default Permit page and a View My Permits page.

Use Cases – Applications

This template can be a helpful starting point for organizations that need to process applications — such as property management companies or even government organizations that process legal permits. This can represent an important component in a self-service solution.

The application processing template landing page in the design studio.

The Bottom Line

Microsoft Power Pages can be a powerful solution, enabling individuals and businesses to create high-quality, professional-grade web pages and websites that serve a range of roles and purposes. One of the great things about Power Pages is that it enables users with minimal coding experience to utilize robust features. To that end, it can be quite helpful to understand some of Power Pages’ templates, which serve as a strong starting point to hit the ground running.

If you’re looking for ways to get the most out of Microsoft Power Platform solutions, don’t hesitate to reach out. At 2 To Lead, we’re here to help you create powerful employee experiences that help your team get the most out of their tools. Whether you’re looking for Microsoft Power Platform certifications or other impactful employee experiences, let’s talk.

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