Are you taking on new projects right now?

Absolutely. Our team is in high demand so we tend to take a week or two before we can start, but can always make an exception and are always growing. We’d love to hear from you and are always able to offer immediate advice, suggestions, and connections to experts that can help.

What is your vision of a perfect customer?

We tend to love customers who are optimistic, passionate, and looking to have an impact. Combine that with a love for working collaboratively, appreciation for each others expertise and you’ve got something really special.

What is it like to work with you?

It’s the best. You’ll love it. It’s really really fun and also extremely rewarding. It’s a lot like doing the greatest thing that you’ve ever done in your life. Also, rest assured that you’ll feel taken care of. You always get our best

Can I see what you’re doing on my project on a regular basis?

Absolutely. Not only do we believe in communicating frequently via regular/weekly status updates but also believe in transparency. We’ll keep code in a shared repository and make sure you have access as well as invite you to our sprint planning and daily stand-up meetings.

Do you use any kind of development methodology?

We have a straightforward approach that balances fixed feature-driven milestones with weekly scrum-like sprints.
Here are the basics: we create weekly milestones at the beginning of the project and map features to each week. That gives us a roadmap. As the project progresses, we reevaluate the roadmap on a weekly basis and make adjustments if needed: sometimes that means pulling features in, pushing features out, or possibly rethinking the schedule. We keep you involved in the process so there are no surprises.

Can I adjust plans, features, etc. as we go?

Yes. This kind of flexibility is important and could determine the success of project, but big changes might affect budget or schedule.

Who owns the code and designs you produce during the project?

You do! Before we work, we’ll put a contracting agreement in place that will assign ownership of all work product and deliverables to you. Time to time, we may use open source libraries (we’ll let you know before we do). We also may reuse our own internal libraries and in that case you’ll have a permanent irrevocable right to use or modify the code (but we’ll retain rights to use it elsewhere). Finally, we may purchase stock imagery, fonts or other assets on your behalf.

What happens when you’re done? Who fixes bugs?

We expect the code we deliver to be free from defects and perform as intended and we’ll maintain the code for a reasonable amount of time and make sure that everything is working.

What now? How much is this going to cost? When can you start?

Once we know a little more about the project, we can give you an estimate. The first step is to get in touch.