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Old Friends, New Opportunities | Life at 2toLead

May 18, 2023
6 min read
Old Friends, New Opportunities | Life at 2toLead
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Working at a company that aligns with your values, encourages personal growth, and fosters a sense of community is essential for career success and job satisfaction. 

Q&A with Richard Plantt about his time at 2toLead

In this Q&A session, Richard Plantt, Creative Lead at 2toLead, shares his experience working at the company and what led him to join the team. 

He discusses:

  • the company culture
  • passionate leaders
  • the support he received during his transition from his previous role

Richard also shares advice for those looking to find the right workplace for them. Read on to gain insights into what makes a great work environment and how to find your fit.

Q1. Why did you want to work at 2toLead? 

The Culture – I learned about the company's culture during the interview process, which was a great fit. Richard and Kanwal even suggested I contact other staff members before joining to hear about their experiences. After speaking with a few, it was clear that 2toLead had a strong employee-first culture, which I love and appreciate. An example is their guidance, understanding, and mentorship during your successes and failures. It is a fail-fast culture that helps you grow your weaknesses and maximize your strengths. 

Knowing People That Work and Worked at the Company - I knew the CTO, Richard, and one of our incredible Microsoft 365 Developers, Mike, from another company. I always loved working with them, which was a big part of why I felt 2toLead would be an equally wonderful experience.  

Passionate Leaders – Seeing Richard and Kanwal's passion for helping our clients is inspiring. 2toLead is a small company helping solve problems for big companies together in significant ways.  

Q2. Was it a challenging decision to move to 2toLead after 17 years at another company? 

It was a difficult choice. I am a very committed individual and love long-lasting work relationships. There were many unknowns, and I had a lot of great relationships where I worked. 

However, along with everything from question one, I remember catching up with Richard once and meeting Kanwal at the same time six years ago. 

That meeting was the first time I had thought "2toLead would be awesome to join one day," 6 years later – here I am. 

Q3. What was the deciding factor? 

The final decision came down to needing a new challenge and feeling like I found the right company to move to and build a lasting relationship with. 

Q4. Do you remember your first day at 2toLead? 

I do! It was cold and snowing in January a little over a year ago, but the first team sync was the complete opposite. I saw new and old faces, the excitement began, and I felt super welcome. Any fears and anxiety melted away.  

Also, I remember orientation was super smooth with Kanwal and Hardip! The combination of everything really set the right tone. 

Q4. How did you find engaging with new faces? 

Everyone reached out privately, and leaders encouraged me to set up individual "coffee chats" with everyone in my first month. It was a positive experience and a terrific way to meet everyone, especially in a remote company. 

Q5. How have you enjoyed your time at 2toLead? 

I am really enjoying it! The time has gone by so fast! There have been several exciting projects, tasks, and challenges. 

At first, I felt anxious about all the new tasks and projects, but I never felt like I was in it alone. I always feel supported by colleagues from the different teams I work with. Everyone always has each other's back. 

Q6. What has been your favorite interaction with an old friend? 

The company offsite was a highlight. Seeing Mike and Richard in person again and having worlds collide with new and old colleagues in the same place was terrific! 

Q7. What has been your favorite interaction with a new friend? 

One of my favorite interactions was with our Director of Marketing, Eddy. I was working on our new website and getting nervous about connecting the forms to Dynamics 365. However, having Eddy show me how it works, I calmed down.  

While I always felt supported, it was a moment of confirmation of what I had felt and believed; we work as a team and have each other's backs. 

Q8. Do you feel 2toLead has been faithful to your expectations? 

They have been 100% true to form. As I mentioned, I had always felt supported since before I was hired, and I continue to feel the same today. 

I am very thankful for the opportunity. I have grown so much, and the challenges are always rewarded with new skills and team celebrations. 

Q9. What advice would you give to someone looking to find the right workplace for them? 

I would give the following advice:  

  • Be open to change and try something new.  
  • Ask lots of questions during the interview process.  
  • Ping people on LinkedIn for different opinions on the company.  

Following those will help you get an honest understanding of the company you are interviewing with or applying to so you can better judge if you want to invest further. 

Want to join Team 2toLead?

In conclusion, finding the right workplace is crucial for personal and professional growth. As Richard's experience shows, researching a company's culture, talking to current and former employees, and being open to change can lead to a successful career transition. 

We hope this Q&A session inspires you to find a workplace that aligns with your values and empowers you to achieve your goals.

Watch the video below to see why we are certified as a Great Place to Work or visit our careers page to see our open opportunities.

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