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Learning The Path to Knowledge Is Supported | Life at 2toLead

May 4, 2023
5 min read
Learning The Path to Knowledge Is Supported | Life at 2toLead
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We had the pleasure of speaking with Navjot Singh, Dev Ops Engineer at 2toLead. Navjot is passionate about Microsoft technologies and has been on a certification journey, collecting more than 10 certifications, 5 of which are Microsoft, since joining 2toLead. There is no question that Navjot has had a significant impact on the organization and continues to be a gem of the technical team.

Q&A with Navjot Singh about his Learning Journey at 2toLead

In this interview, we will learn about his experience working at 2toLead, the company culture, and its impact on his learning journey.

Q1. Why did you want to work at 2toLead?

I first heard about the 2toLead from LinkedIn. I was looking for my first venture into Canada, and since they were known as a generous company, I knew they would be a great fit. 

Outside of looking for a generous company willing to support my journey to Canada, I was focused on finding a Microsoft Partner to work at since I have always loved their technology.

Another huge factor was seeing 2toLead employees' names often in the general Microsoft Community. We have always had world-renowned industry experts across former team members to our current team.

Q2. Did you always have an interest in Microsoft technology?

Yes, as I mentioned, I was looking for a Microsoft Partner. I had already worked with SharePoint at the start of my career. Having been impressed with the features SharePoint had to offer, it also got me to look into other Microsoft technologies. 

Since then, I have been focusing on learning other Microsoft technologies, including Azure, Power Platform, Microsoft Teams, and SPFx - the framework for custom development.  

Q3. Were the supported learning advantages always a draw to work at 2toLead?

Yes, the management at 2toLead has always pushed their employees to learn and adapt to new advancements in Microsoft technologies and build on existing knowledge.

Q4. Did you have a plan for what certifications you wanted to get?

I have always wanted to work with Azure technologies, so that was the first one I tackled. After passing my Azure DevOps Certification Exam, my focus has shifted to learning cloud technologies and data engineering. 

For example, I now have my eyes on the Developer Associate and Power Platform Development certifications.

Q5. How has working at 2toLead impacted your learning journey?

There has been a positive impact. I have gained knowledge across various Microsoft 365 applications.

Q6. What certification did you have before vs after being at 2toLead?

I gained all the Microsoft certifications I have after joining 2toLead. 

Q7. How has 2toLead supported your learning journey?

Management has always encouraged and supported the team to earn Microsoft certifications and gain more knowledge. In addition, anyone who wishes to speak in public is always encouraged and supported. We have a lot of public speakers who are happy to share their knowledge and experience to help you excel.

Learning is such a big part of the culture that we even use an internal hashtag - #LearnItAll. 

Q8. How have colleagues at 2toLead supported your learning journey?

Essentially, the same way management has:

  • provided encouragement
  • supported me along the way
  • helped me get hands-on experience with the solutions I was studying

Q9. What was your most challenging cert?

I would have to say Azure DevOps. It was a challenging 8-10 months training period that I was thrilled when I conquered. Also, I have been able to use a lot at 2toLead!

Q10. What was the cert that was the most fun to get?

Easily my Power Platform fundamentals certification. I really enjoyed the scenario-based modules. They felt more applicable to the real world, which made them more fun. 

Want to join Team 2toLead?

We hope you enjoyed learning about Navjot Singh's experience working at 2toLead and his passion for Microsoft technologies. 

We're proud to support our employees' learning journeys, and it's great seeing the appreciation our employees feel. 

You can also see what she had to say in our Great Place to Work video.

We want to thank Navjot for sitting down with us! If you want to join the team, visit our career page and browse our open opportunities.

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