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What drive us

Nothing great was ever created without enthusiasm. We’re an enthusiastic bunch that loves designing beautiful and unique digital products, platforms, and experiences to improve how you work and connect with your audiences. It’s often not what we create that you will appreciate but the how. 2toLead was founded on three core principles that you are going to love.

Award winning passion.

When we hire employees, it is essential to us that they are both passionate about technology and generous people. The generosity of our employees is a critical reason why we are so successful. Most of our customers hire us to give advice, and we believe the ‘give’ portion of that statement is just as significant as the ‘advice’ portion.

Some of our employees are awarded professionals but all employees care and are willing to share, help, and go the extra mile for our customers while leading others in the industry by sharing what we learn and know.

We do more with less.

Our Gold Partner status with Microsoft is a testament to our years of experience that have allowed us to do more with less time but more effectively. If we can help our customers accelerate doing more with less, than we are contributing to a more sustainable and more abundant world for our children and future generations.

We want to have a meaningful and positive impact on the world and take pride in the work we do, making the world a better place for our customers, our employees, and our industry.

We work together.

By pursuing a career at 2toLead, you will gain access to many experts who are just as passionate and generous as you are. What’s more, we have an extensive network of partners and customers that are also generous and incredibly capable. We work closely with our partners and our customers. That closeness translates to excellent communication, shared understanding, and shared commitment that leads to success for all of us.

At 2toLead, we want to be the best, we want our customers to be the best, and we want our partners to be the best. Together.

The Leadership team.

We don’t consult. We lead.

Kanwal Khipple


Kanwal, is a skilled Solution Architect with ten years of experience as a SharePoint subject matter expert (SME), driving numerous successful SharePoint deployments and custom solutions.

Richard Harbridge


Richard Harbridge is the Chief Technology Officer at 2toLead. Richard works as a trusted advisor with hundreds of organizations, helping them understand their current needs, their future needs, and what actions they should take to grow and achieve their bold ambitions.

Boris Boitsov

Director of Consulting

Boris has a mission to constantly deliver exceptional work and to never shy away from big challenges. With a background in molecular genetics, management, and technology innovation he works with customers to develop better technology strategies, prioritized business objectives, etc.

David Francoeur

Digital Workplace Practice Lead

As a Digital Workplace Practice Lead, my role is to stay abreast of industry trends, best practices, platform capabilities and leverage my practical experience to tailor recommendations to meet user needs.

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