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Solve Sprawl with Digital Workplace Directories

Reclaim control of your digital landscape with Digital Workplace Directories. Optimize directory configuration, implement directories across SharePoint, Viva, and Teams, and strengthen governance for a seamless work environment.

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Solve Sprawl with Digital Workplace Directories
Plan Directory Config & Workspace Metadata
Implement Workplace Directories Across SharePoint Sites, Viva & Teams
Enhance Governance, Lifecycle, Provisioning & Support of Workspaces

What will we do?

Before we implement our proven digital workplace directory solution we will review your current state, navigation and governance needs. Based on this we will then help you understand Microsoft, marketplace and 2toLead options for solving sprawl related challenges.

We will define an optimal digital workspace information architecture and implement a flexible and highly valuable Directory control that enables Digital Workplace owners, content authors, and IT to create rich pre-filtered/configured directory experiences (e.g. One could be set to pre-filter all HR related sites, teams and spaces on the HR departmental page) as well as automated import solutions that discover and add discovered teams and sites for IT and/or business review.

Our team of governance experts will assess your governance gap for provisioning, lifecycle, management and navigation of digital workspaces and will provide actionable recommendations that build on the success of your directories.

How will we do it together?

Solve Sprawl with Digital Workplace Directories Activities
What we will deliver
Digital Workplace Directory
Digital Workplace Directory
Governance Recommendations
Governance Recommendations
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Technologies Used
Viva Connections
Microsoft Teams
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