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Rising Through the Ranks | Life at 2toLead

April 20, 2023
5 min read
Rising Through the Ranks | Life at 2toLead
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Have you ever wondered what it takes to rise through the ranks at a successful consulting company? Look no further than our own Director of Consulting, Boris Boitsov.

Q&A with Boris Boitsov about Rising Through the Ranks

In this Q&A session, Boris shares insights from his seven-year journey at 2toLead, including the key factors that helped his growth, the biggest challenge he faced on his path to leadership, and advice for those looking to advance their careers. 

Q1. Why did you want to work at 2toLead? 

Several reasons: 

  • I was working at a massive technology consulting company before 2toLead. I love working with customers and watching projects grow from idea to final product. 
  • My family is very entrepreneurial. When I learned about the opportunity at 2toLead, I saw it as a chance to merge my consulting skill with my passion for entrepreneurship.  
  • I loved and believed in the people working at and leading the company. From the start, 2toLead looked like it had a bright future. 

Q2. Do you remember your first day at 2toLead? 

Somewhat, it was about seven years ago! I had breakfast with Kanwal and Richard and got to know them better. Then, I hit the ground running by working on testing an intranet and writing functional design documentation. 

It was intimidating but exciting, which is probably why I felt I was exactly where I should be. 

Q3. Did you always plan on rising through the ranks? 

My goal from the start was to become a leader within the company and help it grow. By joining a young, growing business, you get an opportunity to become integral to its operations.

Q4. What do you think were key factors in your success? 

If I had to list 5, they would be: 

  • Passion for technology, product, and design 
  • Ability to take ownership of my work 
  • Strong work ethic 
  • A clear and calm approach to leadership and communication 
  • Knowing how to listen, which is great for helping customers 

Q5. What were key factors unique to 2toLead, that helped your growth? 

  • The right level of challenge, which helps me always be excited about my work 
  • Leaders that have truly world-class skills in technology consulting 
  • Leaders that want you to succeed and are always available for support 
  • Trusting the team to execute independently 
  • A fail fast, learn, iterate, and improve culture at the organization 

Q7. What was the biggest challenge you faced on your journey to the role of Director? 

The biggest challenge was balancing a broad range of responsibilities, from working directly with customers, to growing a team, to supporting internal operations. These are integral parts of being a director, and my time at 2toLead helped me hone these skills. It's challenging, but exactly what I want to be doing.  

Q9. Why have you dedicated the last seven years to 2toLead instead of another company? 

I love the organization's mission to be a conscious and generous consulting company, and our constant focus on delivering the best possible work. 2toLead has the recipe for becoming the best consulting company in Canada. I want to be here to help make that a reality. 

Q10. What advice would you provide to someone looking to rise through the ranks at 2toLead or within their company? 

Don't fear the challenge. Work hard, and get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Carry yourself with integrity, focus on being proud of your work, and providing value to others.

Want to join Team 2toLead?

We hope you enjoyed hearing about Boris's journey and advice for success. At 2toLead, we believe in investing in our people and helping them grow both professionally and personally. In fact, it's one of the reasons we have won Great Place to Work for two consecutive years running so far!

If you're looking for a company that values its employees and strives for excellence in everything it does, we invite you to check out our current job openings and apply to join our team.

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