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Introducing Copilot in Viva Learning - Microsoft Ignite 2023 Highlights

November 16, 2023
4 min read
Introducing Copilot in Viva Learning - Microsoft Ignite 2023 Highlights
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  • Copilot is included with Microsoft Viva Learning premium, bringing AI capabilities to enhance learning experiences.
  • Viva Learning helps facilitate peer learning and sharing, which is critical since most learning happens from peers rather than managers.
  • Copilot can accelerate learning by providing AI-generated recommendations for relevant content based on skills and interests.
  • Copilot allows users to discover relevant learning content easily from across an organization's learning systems.
  • Copilot can enhance Viva Learning by helping users recommend learning content to others during meetings when they may not know what resources are available.

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I wanted to take a quick moment to talk about Copilot and how it makes Microsoft Viva Learning more accessible and potentially a little bit more powerful. If you didn't know this, the Copilot experiences are available out of the box with the Viva Suite.

When you buy, say, Viva Learning premium and you have the Suite, you actually have Copilot for Viva. That means that capabilities that unlock learning with AI are now also accessible to you. The big value proposition of Viva Learning is the way it helps people with elective learning, helps people engage with learning, and share learning with peers as well as learn with others.

If you don't know this, most people don't learn from managers, and from it, they learn from peers. No one really leaves an organization going, this compliance training sucks. I'm going to go to that organization because they have better compliance training. That's not why people leave organizations.

What Viva Learning really does is it provides a unified and nice enriched experience that's blended into the way people work, like with teams and things like that. That can connect your LMS system, but it also makes it so it's easy for me to share learning with our peers. I can easily share learning objects and recommendations. I can track that. I can bring my own learning, so I can take, say, a sales handbook, and I can quickly share that and enrich the learning experience for others. That's really the big value proposition.

A lot of people, when they pilot Viva Learning, they need to really emphasize that value proposition because that's what makes it really sticky and really transformative versus just, hey, our LMS system is in teams and a little bit more accessible. Now, when we think of Copilot, what it can do is accelerate that exact scenario I'm describing.

Let's look at a really simple example in Copilot. Here, I have an example where I, of course, have skills behind me. There are some skills and interests that you've shared that can generate things like featured recommendations and help with recommending learning. But we also see an example here. If we type it again, help me find more information about AI fundamentals.

The output of that is that we get actual recommendations around learning. We see here examples of learning around AI for business strategy and how that could help us, as well as some refinement options: show me only video content or let me dig deeper into it based on other courses in my organization and more. These types of options mean that this is an entry point, but it's certainly not where the story of learning ends.

The reason I'm highlighting this is that the way AI, Copilot especially, can make these employee experiences more accessible is a big differentiator because some people do want to learn through self-paced learning and some people do struggle with discovery of learning. But when you combine this with collaboration and collaborative learning, it becomes even more interesting.

Let me use an example. Let's say we have a meeting, and in the meeting as a manager or as a peer, I say it would be really great if you could learn a little bit more about this, and I recommend that learning object. Well, if I know what's in the learning repositories, I'm in a great position.

But most of the time, and we've all been there, if you're in a meeting you want to help someone, you're not sure what we have, what assets and resources and learning we have in the organization. This allows you to use Copilot on the side to ask these probing questions, get some of those insights and ideas so that you can provide those recommendations to that employee and then maybe follow up on it.

This can both help us understand our learning corpus, the academies, the learning pathways, and the material we have in both the third-party systems like LinkedIn Learning, and other things that we bring into Viva Learning, as well as our traditional bring your own learning and capital LMS learning that we have.

Really exciting stuff with Viva Learning and I think a lot of organizations, as they explore things like Viva Learning and their own pilots, they should consider how Copilot should be a part of that strategy in unlocking new ways to access, understand and discover learning potential. I'm really curious what your use cases for AI and learning are.

We see some really neat ones with partners. I'll be sure to share some of those in the comments based on the discussions you all have. But how are you seeing learning be moved by AI today? I'd love to hear about that.

Thanks so much for your time and attention, and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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