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Improve Your Onboarding Process with the Policy Centre Solution

December 5, 2022
5 min read
Improve Your Onboarding Process with the Policy Centre Solution

The Situation

If you've worked in an organization for any time, it's no secret that you'll follow specific company onboarding procedures. Human Resources departments and legal teams spend hours and numerous resources to create policies and procedures for their business. They expect every employee to familiarize themselves with them and try to uphold those guidelines.

Stats: 73% of HR professionals' time is spent on admin tasks and companies with an onboarding process saw 60% year-on-year improvement in revenue

Proper methods help teach your employees the policies and procedures of your business and can be accomplished in unique ways. You can learn more about the onboarding process in our onboarding checklist. Considering some policies and procedures are long and detailed, it can take time to understand and appreciate these policies fully. In some cases, your employees need to read up on new changes and should only spend the minimum necessary time trying to interpret what has changed from the previous version.

As the size of your organization grows, a policy center can help organize the growing number of documents you have and streamline it. From policy creation through distribution and employee acknowledgment, a policy system can save time and increase efficiency. We not only help HR and compliance teams make the policy workflow more effective, but we also help them structure their policies, processes, and procedures, positioning them for continued growth.

The Solution

Built with Power Apps and Microsoft SharePoint technology, the 2toLead Policy Centre solution creates clarity and transparency around your policies with an easy-to-use integrated platform. Microsoft makes HR and Communications much easier.

Quickly and easily obtain an acknowledgment from your employees that they have read and understood your policies and procedures. Our app gives users confidence that each employee is reviewing key documents, whether it is for the entire organization or a single team.

Screen example of the Policy Centre home screen.

Get started quickly with new policies or use existing files without re-creating documents already in use. As you establish policies, version control captures changes, and files are routed for approval. When published, a unique workflow notifies individuals or groups and confirms they have read and understood the policy shared. Employees can access these new documents quickly and easily from their workstations. They will also have access to each policy for future review if necessary. Reporting tracks everything for auditing and provides complete visibility across your business.

Onboarding sets the stage for a new hire's journey through the employee experience. Boost the morale and productivity of your team with insights revealed in our new 80+ page whitepaper!


The 2toLead Policy Centre solution offers quick deployment and seamless migration of existing policies and procedures, meaning you're up and running in days or weeks, not months. The Policy Centre includes the tools to properly create, review and approve them on your SharePoint platform, then share them inside our custom Policy Centre Power App.

We understand the compliance challenges you face. Our solution enables your business to manage the complete lifecycle of your organization's policies. The Policy Centre can help compliance and risk management teams, HR leaders, policy administrators, and IT managers automate their entire policy lifecycle.

The Policy Centre app solution is scalable to your needs. It is user-friendly for your IT team, compliance and risk management officers, in-house SharePoint team, and other users. The app and ready to grow with your organization. Establishing policies, outlining employee safety procedures, specifying quality control of products, and satisfying changing regulatory guidelines is made simple for the entire team.

Help employees embrace your corporate policies by providing clarity and transparency in an easy-to-use, integrated platform. Improve organizational transparency, underwrite policies and procedures, mitigate risk, and reduce unpredictability.

Electronic Acknowledgements

Capture compliance with confidence with the dedicated electronic acknowledgment capabilities. Capture and track employee acknowledgment for each required document with the employee-specific credentials gating access at the time of attestation. Electronic signature stores the date, time, and user for each sign-off that employees, management, and auditors can reference. Strengthening governance in your workplace with Microsoft proactively avoids crises.

Manage New Documents and Versions

Track versions and revisions for Policies, Procedures, and other documents. Store every detail about a Policy, Procedure, or other documents between versions for historical purposes. Track changes and feedback from one version to the next, providing a path for the evolution of a policy document.

Role-Based Access

Restrict policy documents to only people who need to have access to them.

The Results

Screen capture of the Policy Centre Reader View

With the Policy Centre app solution, your organization can have a clear strategy for internal Policy Governance and Adoption. Quickly add business value and boost employee productivity with your onboarding process. Automating and tracking how your staff reviews internal policies can save everyone time and effort — streamlining the creation process of your policies. Share those policies with your staff and measure which policies they have acknowledged.

Measuring the impact of investments occasionally proves challenging but is a cornerstone of the return-on-investment with Microsoft. Download our whitepaper for details on how to approach measuring business impact with Microsoft.

Keep Your Employees in the Know

Deliver the right messages at the right time by sending automatic policy updates to your target audience. Monitor employee engagement with metrics on how often they access your policies and if they are understood. The Policy Centre app can streamline your policy libraries with flexible document organization and quick access to your most-viewed policies.

Microsoft apps remove unnecessary friction and repetitive actions that frustrate and deters your workforce. For all the details of improving employee experience with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Viva, dive into our latest whitepaper.

Better Accountability and Transparency

Transparent communication is about more than being open and honest with employees. It means establishing communication standards, norms, and expectations. The possibilities of impactful communication are much different today. Effective communication involves leveraging technology, mastering meetings, and cloud-based collaboration.

When done right, transparent communication gives you the power to hold employees accountable to organizational expectations.

The Policy Centre app helps you communicate effectively, providing a platform for storing, updating, tracking, and distributing essential policies and procedures to your workforce.

Improved Onboarding Experience

When it comes to setting role responsibilities and performance goals, vagueness is the enemy. Setting defined (but realistic) expectations for new hires from the get-go—and communicating them clearly—can help workers evaluate their progress and prepare for what's to come.

Employee handbooks, payroll forms, and non-disclosure agreements are why onboarding is often associated with a ton of paperwork. But if you drop all the necessary forms on your new hire at once, they could become disillusioned or, worse, overwhelmed.

The Policy Center app makes this transition much more manageable. You can effectively share the standard procedures promptly without causing additional stress on your staff. Using Microsoft to ease staff into their positions gracefully pays off!

Enhanced Version History

Most documents, especially policies, go through several revisions and edits as the people involved in their creation gather new information, gain more insights, and receive feedback from other stakeholders.

Also, as policies go through their regular reviews and updates, you want to ensure that everyone in the organization uses the current policies. No leader wants to have employees acting on information two years out of date because they never received the updated policy or mistakenly read from the old version for guidance.

When a policy is updated and approved in the Policy Centre app, old versions are archived automatically in SharePoint, and only the most current version is available to users. Policies can even be archived manually or automatically on a specific date, per your organization's retention rules and version control policies.

How we can Help Your Organization

Our case study has provided insight into the capabilities of the Policy Centre application and our team. If you are looking for more insights into policy management and your digital workplace but are still waiting to be ready to contact us, feel free to check our other resources, packed with our knowledge and expertise.

For everything you need to know about impeccable employee experience with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Viva, download the definitive guide!

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Org Size: 500-999

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