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The Definitive Guide to Measuring Microsoft 365 Business Impact

Find out how to identify and measure the business value Microsoft 365 provides with examples and advice on Microsoft 365 reporting and metrics.
Team 2toLead

Microsoft, or Office, 365 is not immune to the basic laws of economics. If the technology does not help increase company revenue, improve employee productivity or cut expenses, few executives will commit time and resources to deploying it or invest in improving adoption and usage.

While many can agree that measuring ROI is important, little consensus exists on just how to gauge the effectiveness of Microsoft 365 and its solutions.

This whitepaper is designed to provide practical advice for leaders who want to start leveraging Microsoft 365 to work but wrestle with the challenges of justifying its value after deployment. Some of the metrics discussed in this whitepaper may vary based on how you use Microsoft 365, but the economic principles remain the same.

Download this whitepaper now to help you identify the business value generated by Office 365 deployments and measure it against the costs of implementing these technologies or improving their usage.

In this whitepaper, we’ll give you guidance and recommendations to successfully measure and share the business impact and value of Microsoft 365 as well as:

  • How to measure and improve business impact.
  • What goes into defining a good business objective and how to align and prioritize them.
  • 9 detailed and comprehensive examples of Microsoft 365 driving business impact.
  • Advice and a comprehensive outline of all the reporting options available in Microsoft 365.
  • And more!
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