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Retail: Manage Virtual Consults

Empower your teams to coordinate virtual consults with customers to help them understand or get more out of your products. Surface relevant resources before and during the consult in Microsoft Teams while enabling the assignment and management of virtual consults where employees are already working.

Retail: Manage Virtual Consults
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Enable and empower employees to assign, accept, schedule, and execute virtual customer consults with Microsoft Teams. Teams is already integrated into employee calendars, effective meeting management, video and web conferencing, and since it’s built into Teams, it would be available on desktop, web, and mobile.

Provide relevant resources, knowledge articles, and material that might assist the consult available before, during, and after the consult that can be easily shared with the customer if needed.

Integrate and enable richer insights into customers to support the virtual consult scheduling, execution, and follow-ups.

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