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Request a Team

The app supports the organization's need to tailor Teams templating and enhance the Teams request process. End users request teams via a form that collects info such as business justification, while approvers can manage requests and builds can be automated. This includes the ability to reference existing teams as templates during the request process.

Request a Team
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What does it do?

Enterprise organizations have expressed a need to standardize and to promote best practices around the creation of new team instances. The Request-a-Team App Template supports these goals by providing a framework that automates the team creation process based on core features and channel options which are relevant to optimizing usage. This enables faster response time for team requests and offers a wealth of personalization options for organizations to implement repeatable best practices on team collaboration.

As a starting point for building your own Teams or PowerApp based request and provisioning solution this app enables organizations to capture additional information or adjust the provisioning process and further tailor it beyond what is available out of the box.

  • Easy to use team request form for the collection of team scope, stakeholders (owners and members), and business justifications for new team instances.
  • Embedded approval process for approval and/or rejection of requests submitted.
  • Requestor and approver dashboards show past and current requests with status.
  • Automated team builds on approval, including creating new instances based on existing teams and channels.
  • Extensibility opportunities to further refine or enhance the provisioning, request, or management processes (recommended).
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