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Workplace Transformation Site

Help your organization implement and manage change initiatives such as new processes, systems, or mergers and acquisitions. Establish content centers that help your organization adopt key skills and habits and customize them to meet the needs of any organizational change management project.

Workplace Transformation Site
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Provides a sample site designed for helping an organization adopt hybrid workplace skills and habits using research insights from Microsoft’s Research lab and can be customized to meet the needs of any organizational change management project.

It contains the following:

  • A custom home page using out-of-the-box web parts
  • 11 customizable pages, related to hybrid work, using out-of-the-box web parts
  • A custom illustrations throughout the sites and pages
  • A hybrid work checklist in the form of aMicrosoft List
  • 2 news templates
  • 4 news articles with example content
  • A custom illustration of “A week in the hybrid workplace”
  • Some hybrid workplace tips
  • A pre-populated FAQ section
  • A managers-only page with pre-populated quick tips for managing remote workers
  • A champions page that helps recruit and engage new change champions
  • A message from our CEO page that helps endorse change management projects
  • Some provisioning and customization guidance
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