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Icebreaker: Connect Employees Together

Enable employees to extend and strengthen their networks within the organization with virtual or in-person connections that improve retention and engagement. Pair team members up for a meet-up every week and let the bot help find an available timeslot for both parties.

Icebreaker: Connect Employees Together
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Icebreaker is a Teams bot that helps the whole team get closer by pairing up members every week at random to meet virtually or in person.

The bot does the heavy lifting of finding a new person to meet with each week and aids in scheduling the meetup.

Icebreaker works great for cultivating small, interest-based communities within your organization. For example, an organization may leverage this bot for a DevOps interest group to help facilitate organic cross-pollination of ideas and best practices. Another common use case is new employees’ cohorts to help employees learn more about each other and assimilate better to the new environment.

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