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SharePoint, Outlook, and Teams Governance

Are your organization’s sites and groups getting out of hand?

It is easy for any organization to lose control of their sites, groups, and teams in their digital workplace, especially with increased numbers of employees working from home and the fast-paced digital workplace development. SharePoint and Teams governance and provisioning have become imperative to your organization’s success. We know how to best manage and tackle sprawl and the challenges that come with Microsoft 365 success.

We have developed, enhanced, and implemented hundreds of many custom provisioning, navigation, and governance solutions over the years.

We work closely with the Microsoft product team, including multiple preview programs and preview APIs that impact provisioning, templating, and management of Microsoft 365.

We have had some of our own solutions, feedback, and input improve the Microsoft 365 experience based on our interactions with the Microsoft Team.

We have written books and spoken at many conferences over the years on this subject and have incredible expertise within our team, including our Microsoft MVPs.

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    Our Governance and Provisioning Solution Partners


    Enterprise-scale and breadth at its finest

    AvePoint offers an incredible breadth of products and services that make it easier and speedier to accomplish tasks whether your organization is all in with the cloud or in a Hybrid state. These products/services include Cloud Archiving, Cloud Backup, Citizen Services, File Share navigation (from in M365), GroupHub, Cloud Insights, Cloud Management, MyHub, Cloud Governance, Policies & Insights, Cloud Records, Administrator, Archiver, Backup & Restore, Compliance Guardian Platform, Connector, Content Manager, Data Validation, Classification & Protection, Deployment Manager, Discovery Tooling, Enterprise Risk Management, File Share Archiver, Cloud & SharePoint Migration, Governance Automation, Meetings, High Availability, Office Connect, Perimeter, Records, Replicator, Report Center and Storage Manager.

    • Migrate, move, restructure, and transform collaborative content faster, more reliably, and with greater fidelity.
    • Manage, automate governance, scale adoption, and improve IT operations while simplifying oversight and collaboration.
    • Protect, reduce more risk by improving processes, content security, and compliance across more collaboration platforms.


    Compliant collaboration at its finest

    Colligo has incredible solutions that improve the functionality of SharePoint by making it easy to save and add metadata to SharePoint files right from Outlook, Teams, Word, Excel, and Microsoft 365/Microsoft Office 365.

    Their toolkit of SharePoint solutions, add-ins and web parts will help you stay organized and compliant.

    • Easily save and tag emails with metadata from Microsoft 365 into SharePoint, on desktop and mobile. Also, to keep everything compliant, their solution can add retention labels to get a leg up on data compliance.
    • Their content manager lets users search, view and share links to all SharePoint files from Microsoft Outlook and Teams.
    • With office connect, you can save and classify Microsoft 365 documents such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and more, directly into a SharePoint document library.


    Innovation and experience at its finest

    Orchestry is a balanced platform composed of adoption tools, engaging templates, controlled provisioning, and empowering self-service to drive usage and adoption success in Office 365 and Microsoft Teams. Orchestry has pioneered comprehensive governance, adoption, and enablement tool for Microsoft 365, including Microsoft Teams, that delivers control while empowering greater access to all users.

    • An incredibly intuitive and easy creation experience makes creating sites, teams, and digital spaces engaging and easy for end users.
    • Pre-built Office 365 workspaces save time, money, and headaches, putting years of Office 365 best practices in place in just a few clicks.
    • Manage the creation of Microsoft Teams, Outlook Groups, and SharePoint Sites through a single interface while Governing Microsoft Teams and SharePoint sites through end-to-end provisioning and lifecycle management.
    • Provide a ready to use Microsoft 365 and Office 365 Digital Workspace directory that makes it easy for users to navigate the thousands or hundreds of thousands of teams, sites, and spaces in your organization today and their continued growth in the future.
    • Archie, Orchestry’s Intelligence Assistant, makes your Microsoft 365 analytics and usage statistics more actionable and meaningful in your environment.

    Rencore Governance

    Microsoft 365 service and signal monitoring at its finest 

    Rencore provides governance automation solutions that help you stay in control of Microsoft 365. With Rencore you can easily identify anomalies and trends that might affect your governance plan for Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Azure, and Power Platform and automate the necessary next steps. 

    • Discover: Rencore Governance connects to your Microsoft 365 services and provides you with one central portal giving you a comprehensive overview on what is happening in your environment. 
    • Report: Rencore Governance monitors your environment and distills the findings into comprehensive reports and dashboards providing you and all involved stakeholders with a timely overview. 
    • Check: Rencore Governance comes with a pre-defined set of governance rules and alerts you about any violations. Build custom rules to unlock the full potential of the tool. 
    • Automate: Rencore Governance comes with a plethora of integrations like PowerAutomate, Teams or Email. Flexibly automate the handling of different types of violations based on your organization’s processes. 

    ShareGate Apricot

    Teams automation and governance at its finest

    Monitor your tenant and highlight ways to make it healthier based on the policies you set. Then automate and action those improvements. With many years in the industry, ShareGate, being migration specialists, saw what was happening to digital workplaces after everything had been migrated and set out to solve the management and governance issue that comes with growth. That is when ShareGate Apricot was born, an IT first solution designed to ensure your organization can rest easy when it comes to some of the most common (and challenging) governance scenarios for Microsoft Teams.

    • Accelerate Teams creation with predefined templates and simplify Teams access and navigation with an optimized dashboard for better visualization, user-friendly controls for simplified search, and the ability for businesses to create their templates for repetitive and time-consuming activities.
    • Introduce best practices and controlled Teams creation. Keep people focused on what they do best by controlling the creation of teams through approval workflows, tagging, naming, and automation with PowerApps & Azure Logic Apps.
    • Digitalize essential collaboration processes with common use case scenarios such as identifying active & in-active Teams and notifying owners to take action (archiving, deletion, etc.), or what teams are essential to a user’s day-to-day operations in one click.


    Design and management at its finest

    Powell Teams provides predefined templates that are easy to tailor and extend. It has a simplified Teams access and navigation experience, approval, management, governance, automation capabilities (including updating templates on existing teams), and smarter user dashboards, reporting, and enterprise recommendations.

    • Uncover teams without owners or teams that do not have sufficient owners.
    • See newly created teams and understand their purpose and level of sensitivity.
    • Detect inactive teams based on user activity and archive teams that are inactive or irrelevant.
    • Apply group sensitivity labels at the team level to automatically control privacy status, external sharing, and guest access settings.
    • See all links to files shared externally by each team and set up automatic external sharing reviews.

    Valo Teamwork

    Simplification and teamwork at its finest 

    With a variety of solutions that are directly integrated into SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, Valo’s Teamwork brings everything together in one view and let’s administrators have full control of the group lifecycle. From their main intranet solution, Valo Intranet, to their ideation solution, Valo Ideas, they are ready to strengthen your digital workplace. 

    • Brings everything together in one view and 
    • Let’s administrators have full control of the group lifecycle. 

    In-Depth Microsoft 365 and Digital Workplace Knowledge

    From multiple award winning Microsoft MVPs to our Neilson Norman award winners, we have endless endless experiences to pull from. What is our goal? To help organizations build a better digital workplace experience.


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