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How Employee Communication & Connections Are Changing With Copilot & AI

Discover how communication and connections are changing with Microsoft Copilot and AI in general! Join industry leaders on both sides in this for part 1 of the AI and Employee Experience webinar series by Microsoft and 2toLead.
Team 2toLead

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These past few years have accelerated changes and disrupted how companies lead, enable, empower, and engage around communications. Leaders in communications and human resources are all tackling new challenges in connecting with employees and may be overwhelmed with increased communication volume, velocity, and variety.

To help combat this challenge, rapid innovations in automation and artificial intelligence technology have created new tools for communicators to use and master, but becoming an early adopter of emerging technology is not without its risks.

This session, led by Microsoft and Microsoft MVP, industry expert, and our CTO, Richard Harbridge, on employee experience, will share insights on the implications of Copilot, OpenAI and more for communications strategies, the tech innovations to prepare for today, and how Copilot in Microsoft Viva is already changing the playing field of communication, connection, and community forever. Watch the webinar below.

Looking for the Q&A from session 1? Find all 4 Q&A videos here.

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