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Interning at 2toLead - A Day in the Life with Mallika

February 8, 2023
3 min read
Interning at 2toLead - A Day in the Life with Mallika
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Have you wondered what it is like to live a day in the life at 2toLead? We pride ourselves on our positive, healthy culture that represents our values of giving generously. 2toLead has had Great Place to Work recognition for two consecutive years thanks to our dedication to the team. In 2023, we were recognized for both Technology Company and for Mental Wellness.

Don’t just take it from us!

Q&A with Mallika Limbu about her Internship

We asked our design intern, Mallika Limbu, to answer some questions about her time on the team. Mallika had plenty to share about being on the team!

What drew you to the opportunity at 2toLead?

This internship opportunity at 2toLead was the first I had heard of the company. So, when I did research, I loved seeing that they prioritized generosity. In addition, they highlighted the employee experience and culture as important elements of the organization.

That resonated with me, so I applied, and I’m very happy that I did because I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at this amazing company! I’m very grateful that I managed to get the opportunity to work at 2toLead.

What made you decide to take the opportunity?

After my interview with Richard and Eddy, the interaction with them confirmed what I had read about the organization’s great values. Speaking with them felt more like a conversation rather than being bombarded with questions.

Even before starting, I could already see the difference at 2toLead versus other places. Since I felt I connected with both Richard and Eddy, I felt I could also connect to the company and its values.

What was it like interning at 2toLead?

There are so many great things about interning at 2toLead, it’s actually a challenge to narrow it down. However, for this article, I will highlight a few things.

What was a highlight of the culture at 2toLead?

I was pleasantly surprised at the amazing workplace culture that 2toLead has because everyone was so friendly and welcoming. Because of this, I felt very accepted and comfortable approaching others in the organization.

Also, efforts are always recognized through appreciation and shout-outs, which I loved!

What was a highlight of your role at 2toLead?

Getting to see my work come to life on2toLead’s channels. It was a proud moment for me. At the same time, it also motivated me to work harder on upcoming projects – to come up with more creative and original designs that would help 2toLead stand out.

What was it like interning in the creative team?

I've done internships before, but this one felt different. It did not feel like a lengthy task list as much as real-world experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

I also found a great mentor in my manager Richard Plantt. He always checked in with me and helped me stay organized and upskill. He generously shared advice and pulled from his different experiences from his career, which helped me understand the situation better.

A collection of social media carousels

What was your favourite part of working at 2toLead?

If I had to pick one thing, I would easily say the people! As I said, the entire organization matched what it presented, and the people were no exception.

I found them to be respectful, kind, friendly, hardworking, wholesome, and able to balance work while having fun.

Please take a peek at what our other employees say about working at 2toLead in our Great Place to Work video.

What was the project you were the proudest of during your internship?

Seeing my work and ideas represented across a brand, in general.

I had the opportunity to create and template various assets for different projects, which aided the redesign. My creations, graphics, and promotional materials helped shape the company’s new look which makes me proud.

A screen capture of recent page layouts from the 2toLead Employee Experience Campaign.

What was a day in the life like?

A day in the life at 2toLead typically goes like this:

  1. Start by having blocked focus time (something that is championed at 2toLead) in the morning.
  2. Following focus time is a meeting with either Richard or Eddy to align on tasks and check the progress of various projects and campaigns.
  3. The rest of the day, I'm usually heads-down working on projects (Carousels, Templates, Website, Promotional Graphics, etc.), with the occasional meetings here and there to introduce new tasks in greater detail.
  4. Then end the day by checking back with Richard and reviewing what I've done. This meeting is to help me remove blockers and answer questions, so I start the following day on the right foot.

Final Words

Self-portrait of Mallika

I think a good indicator of 2toLead and my time at the company is that after I tell my friends about the excellent workplace culture, they all ask me, "are they looking to hire?"

The four months went by in the blink of an eye, and I've had the best time working here.

Want to join Team 2toLead?

We appreciate Mallika for sharing her genuine experiences on the team. She made fantastic contributions and grew a lot during her internship.

If you would like to be a part of the team, visit our career page and find our open opportunities for yourself!

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