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The importance of a Digital Workplace solution partner

Our partner help us transform complex or costly improvements into innovative and effective solutions. We are continuously in search of partners that look for unique and efficient ways to improve your business from Microsoft 365 to analytics. The partners you see listed on this page, and subpages, continue to live up to the reasons we first engaged them.

Microsoft 365

Are you getting everything you can out of your Microsoft investments?

Did you know that today Microsoft 365 has over 35 different services and applications? We are proud Microsoft partners and have helped customers leverage, plan for, and maximize every one of them. We have delivered well over 300 Microsoft 365 solutions on Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and the Microsoft Power Platform (Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate & Power Virtual Agents). 

A glimpse at how we go beyond
  • Work with a team that knows the Microsoft Product teams personally. 
  • Work closer with Microsoft and our team of MVPs, authors & speakers.
  • Work with us on Microsoft alphas, betas, and early access programs.
  • Work with our highly certified team of award-winning experts.
  • Work with a proven Microsoft Gold Partner who holds 7+ competencies. 

Intranets & Internal Communication

Is your intranet engaging, dynamic, personalized, and effective? 

With over 100 Microsoft 365 intranet and internal communication solutions vendors on the market it can be hard to know when, why, and how to leverage the right one for your business. Let our team of experts help make this process easier and implement these solutions the right way while still maximizing what you can do out of the box. 

A glimpse at how we help
  • We performed extensive evaluations on 30+ vendors.
  • We have built hundreds of Intranet solutions ourselves.
  • We can ensure your vendor is aligned with the Microsoft Roadmap.
  • We get you money back on any purchase and can lead deployment with proven success.
  • We have a team who has won multiple Nielsen Norman Intranet awards.

Migration & Management

Do you have the tooling you need to transform? 

Migrating from SharePoint Server, file shares, or numerous other systems to Microsoft 365 is about more than just copying the content from A to B. It is about optimizing, restructuring, and improving the content to take advantage of Microsoft 365 capabilities better. We know who the best cloud to cloud or on-premises to cloud migration vendors are and work with them to deliver quality and success to our customers’ migration needs.  

A glimpse at how we help
  • Our team has supported hundreds of migrations to Microsoft 365.
  • Our own migration tools can optimize, organize, and manage not just migrate.
  • Our partners support 45+ different source services, systems, and servers.
  • Migrate from Slack, Box, Dropbox, Egnyte, Google, and many other services.
  • Migrate from Documentum, Livelink, eDocs, FileNet, and other legacy servers.
  • Migrate Teams to Teams, SharePoint to SharePoint and more in tenant migrations.

Governance & Provisioning

Are your organization’s sites and groups getting out of hand? 

It is easy for any organization to lose control of their sites, groups, and teams in their digital workplace, especially with increased numbers of employees working from home and the fast-paced digital workplace development. SharePoint and Teams governance and provisioning have become imperative to your organization’s success. We know how to best manage and tackle sprawl and the challenges that come with successful IT governance.  

A glimpse at how we help
  • We have developed, enhanced and implemented hundreds of many custom provisioning, navigation and governance solutions over the years.
  • We work closely with the Microsoft product team including on multiple preview programs and preview APIs that impact provisioning, templating and management of Microsoft 365.
  • We have had some of our own solutions, feedback and input improve the Microsoft 365 experience based on our interactions with the Microsoft Team.
  • We have written books and spoken at many conferences over the years on this subject and have incredible expertise within our team including our Microsoft MVPs.

Integration & Search

Can your users find everything they need, when they need it? 

What if you could perform a search across all your systems, servers, and services from one place? What if that place was connected to each of the tools users already spend all their time in today? That is what we can deliver through connected search experiences and targeted integrations with over 400 different systems today.  We are happy to showcase the power of Microsoft 365 integration.

A glimpse at how we help
  • Enhance the search experience for all users with 3rd party connected systems/services.
  • Make it easier by delivering compelling integrated experiences and processes.
  • Don’t just link, but sync data directly into tools like Microsoft Lists and SharePoint Lists.
  • Integrate and connect databases, file management, ERP, CRM, HRIS systems and more.
  • Integrate ERP systems like Dynamics, SAP, Sage, Xero, and many more.
  • Integrate CRM systems like Dynamics Salesforce, SugarCRM, and many more.

Analytics & Intelligence

Do you truly understand your users and digital workplace? 

Analytics and insights matter for every organization, even when you are leveraging Microsoft 365. They enable an organization to target and improve their digital workplace and digital workforce more efficiently and with more efficacy. Our team has decades of experience working on analytics, insights, and intelligence and how to best leverage these to improve business outcomes. 

A glimpse at how we help
  • Our team includes members have authored books on adoption and analytics.
  • Our team has regularly spoken at conferences on adoption, analytics and insights.
  • Our team has worked with Microsoft in developing and bringing MyAnalytics, Workplace Analytics and Microsoft Insights to market.
  • Our team has developed many custom analytics, and insight solutions for Microsoft 365, Intranets, SharePoint solutions, Microsoft Team solutions and Azure solutions for customers over the years.

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