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Effective collaboration, knowledge sharing, and information management are increasingly important in modern enterprises. At the core of our company is the love of helping our customers improve communication and collaboration pro-actively as it has the most significant impact on maximizing the value of their most valuable resource; their people.

We have a deep understanding of Microsoft 365, Microsoft Viva, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and Yammer why we offer over 35 services that improve and innovate intranets, extranets, collaboration & social networking investments in your enterprise.

Digital Workplace Strategy & Governance Planning Services

Digital Workplace Design & Implementation Services

Digital Workplace Support & Optimization Services

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    Digital Workplace Strategy & Governance Planning

    World-class digital workplace experiences need the support of industry-leading expertise

    We have spent years helping organizations like yours assess, envision, and effectively plan a digital workplace strategy and roadmap that maximizes your technology investments while achieving key business goals around simplification, integration, and engagement. Whether the gap is in digital workplace or technology governance or in achieving shared understanding and shared commitment towards a better digital workplace future, we have the expertise that can help you close the gap and accelerate your journey to a better digital future.

    • Our team is comprised of internationally recognized keynote speakers, authors, and leaders
    • Know how to inspire the art of the possible
    • Translate your users’ needs and hundreds of industry trends
    • Management consulting and technology consulting based on proven and realistic expectations

    Digital Workplace Design & Implementation

    Modern digital workplaces need to meet modern challenges

    Tens of thousands of hours of our consulting experience and expertise are available to you, and we provide it with the assurance that you will love the way we work together. We work with your team as a partner and will always ensure our focus is on the gaps you need support on while enabling your team to maximize their own skill sets to support your objectives. This means your investments remain focused on providing tailored consulting to your unique needs while you leverage proven best practices based on the collective success of hundreds of our customers.

    • Our team has worked on hundreds of Digital Workplace solutions, intranets, and extranets on Microsoft 365
    • Awarded multiple Nielson Norman Intranet awards and multiple Microsoft MVP awards
    • Our organization works directly with Microsoft product teams through multiple early access and advisor preview programs and on Microsoft advisory councils and boards.

    Digital Workplace Support & Optimization

    Success does not stop at launch. Go beyond launch and get more out of your digital workplace

    Are you looking to understand the latest changes from Microsoft and how they affect your strategy, design, or implementation? Are you trying to find a cost-effective way to continue to deliver compelling enhancements and improvements on your intranets, extranets, collaboration, or digital workplace solutions? Our team can provide the right just-in-time expertise you need to be successful.

    • We take an approach that allows you to do everything from development and migration to strategy and design workshops with support hours
    • If you need to extend the term, need a grace period, need to put support on hold, or move hours forward or backward, we have a commitment to making support work for you
    • Microsoft 365 are less about keeping things on and more about getting the most out of the service. Let us help you ensure you are prioritizing.

    Looking To Understand the Benefits of A Microsoft 365 Digital Workplace?


    In-Depth Microsoft 365 Knowledge

    From multiple award winning Microsoft MVPs to our Neilson Norman award winners, we have endless endless experiences to pull from. What is our goal? To help organizations build a better digital workplace experience.


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