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Analytics & Intelligence

Analytics and insights matter for every organization, even when you are leveraging Microsoft 365. They enable an organization to target and improve their digital workplace and digital workforce more efficiently and with more efficacy. Our team has decades of experience working on analytics, insights, and intelligence and how to best leverage these to improve business outcomes.


Our team includes members who have authored books on adoption and analytics.

Our team has regularly spoken at conferences on adoption, analytics, and insights.

Our team has worked with Microsoft in developing and bringing MyAnalytics, Workplace Analytics, and Microsoft Insights to market.

Our team has developed many custom analytics and insight solutions for Microsoft 365, Intranets, SharePoint solutions, Microsoft Team solutions, and Azure solutions for customers over the years.

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    Our Analytics and Intelligence  Solutions Partners


    Actionable analytics and insights at its finest

    tyGraph uses deep insights into adoption patterns to ensure your KPI’s are being met or what to do about those that aren’t. With tyGraph, you can quickly find key influencers, subject matter experts, and trends to incorporate into your digital transformation and improvement strategy. We find tyGraph not only to be accurate and useful but actionable when it comes to their analytics.

    • tyGraph gives visibility into Sites, Yammer Communities, Teams and Channel activity, member interactions, external users, and even sentiment tracking. All data can be augmented with signals from HRIS such as role, region, and organizational structure for deeper insights into organizational usage patterns.
    • The Measure of Active Engagement or MAE score provides a snapshot composite metric allowing you to home in on Teams and Yammer with the most activity in your network. Immediately see the most engaged users, the most @ mentioned users, and the Team Owners for that Team or Yammer community. By sorting the MAE score from most active to least active, you will highlight the Teams or Yammer communities with no activity and identify Teams and Yammer communities that are eligible for deletion.
    • Audit level activities are tracked by tyGraph, including over 100 Activity Types available from the Microsoft Graph audit buckets. As an example, tyGraph provides both the inventory and activity for all interactions with SharePoint Online.

    CardioLog Analytics

    Adoption and enforcement at their finest

    CardioLog Analytics enables organizations to provide in-depth Office 365 analytics, insights, trends, adoption productivity, and usage reports, but more importantly, it makes those analytics easier to engage, enhance and enforce. For example, CardioLog enables you to target users based on behavior and implement specific security policies that improve data safeguarding.

    • CardioLog Analytics provides insightful information about SharePoint, Office 365, Microsoft Teams, and Yammer, based on hierarchy, taxonomy, content, and user metadata.
    • Target employees based on their behavior via email, SMS, outbound calls, or directly with a pop-up on the portal and then analyze employees’ responses to improve adoption.
    • Automate internal campaigns to get simple responses or detailed insights from employees with smart timing to ensure the employees get the messages at the time they are most likely to read it to improve communication.
    • Get additional feedback from employees by asking them questions based on their behavior in the digital workplace or use the insights to boost engagement.
    • Their enforcement solution can monitor your organizations’ Office 365 environments and quickly and easily get your relevant employees flagged about security, confidentiality, and privacy violations.

    Panagenda Office Expert

    Continuous performance management at its finest 

    Panagenda’s OfficeExpert is a modular solution that significantly improves productivity, end user experience and job satisfaction using unrivaled Office 365 performance measurement and monitoring technology. The insight it can provide can greatly help large scale global customers better manage and understand how Microsoft 365 is being used.   

    • Ops Analytics: Deliver the best end user experience with proactive system monitoring to minimize service disruptions. License management is easy with real-time utilization reporting. Enjoy system wide performance reporting for comprehensive SLA compliance reviews. See the true end user experience using the Client API. No PowerShell Scripts involved. 
    • Teams Analytics: Visualize how Teams, departments and individuals interact both vertically and horizontally within your organization. Know your power users. See where there’s scope for improvement. Get customizable alerts triggered by actionable insights with automatic monitoring and alerting of user defined Team’s activities. See how your Teams are performing by geographical location, by department and by user. 

    In-Depth Microsoft 365 and Digital Workplace Knowledge

    From multiple award winning Microsoft MVPs to our Neilson Norman award winners, we have endless endless experiences to pull from. What is our goal? To help organizations build a better digital workplace experience.


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