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Education: Academic & Class Assistant

Empower students with a single place for announcements, up-to-date schedules, and a place to share their tasks and notes taken during class sessions, all in Microsoft Teams, where they join remote classes and communicate today.

Education: Academic & Class Assistant
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What does it do?

Students can gain insight into announcements, upcoming deadlines, schedules, and upcoming classes, all from a central hub in Microsoft Teams across mobile, web, and desktop. They don’t need to sign into a different app or system and can use it to attend remote classes, as well.

Notifications and prompts can help make it easier to join class sessions or to share insight into why they may not be able to join and notify the professor or teacher of the class.

Classmates can share and interact in Microsoft Teams to share notes, course content, tasks, and more, whether that be for their notebooks, in shared class notebooks, or more.

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